Route of Land(Path 57-Astral Change)

At the convention center above the arena,Fie was having an emergency meeting with other astrologist of Yedrei continent.
“So,can we begin?The astrologist from Joques(a country south of Lestreb and east of Oszer) and Plidin(a country located at the center,among Oszer,Lestreb and Joques) were unable to come due to the same meeting at their country.They will send their report after they were done there.”Kisef Wyott,the royal astrologist of Oszer asked everyone in the meeting room.
“Yes.”Everyone answered.
“Let me begin.Our astrology center detected that the Virgo’s movements were deviate 15 degrees to the north.Our experts suggested that the demons will have a new assault at Grauq in one week time since that Spica were positioned exactly at Grauq in the star map.We must ask the king of Oszer to send troops to guard the place.”Ryan Magun,the royal astrologist of Lestreb told everyone.
“Yes.Our astrology center detected the similar movement deviation.Although there are some warriors from our country and Oszer will go there and defend the ruin,it is better if the Oszer king send some troops first.We cannot let the incident at Dlig happen again.”Fie added.
“Our astrology center detected something different.The Antares star of Scorpius is positioned on Arton village in the star map since two weeks ago.There must be something odd in there.Our kingdom will send some troops to check if there is anything suspicious in the village.Hopefully the explorers will come to us as soon as possible.”Vastig Hecron,the royal astrologist of Hafnal,an island country located west of Oszer,told everyone.
“The reports are here.Let me see…”Two reports were appeared on the desk.Kisef read them.
“They found out the same thing as you but they added that the Leo’s movements deviate by 5 degree clockwise,Regulus as the center of the rotation since 5 days ago.The movements suggest that the Wilm ruins is the place for the holy weapon since that Regulus was placed exactly at Wilm in the star map.”Kisef told everyone.
“Then,what should we suggest to the king of Lestreb now?”Fie asked Ryan.
“The king did sent troops to there to guard the place,but I doubt if he sent them to take the holy weapon.Anyway,we must tell the explorers you have mentioned to be careful.”Ryan told Fie.
“Anything else?”Kisef asked everyone.
“No.”They answered.
“Then,we are dismissed.Thank you for your co-operation.”Kisef, Ryan and Vastig teleported away.Fie cast sound portal and contacted Syrfan.
“Go up to room no.6 in the convention center now.I have something important to tell you.”She told Syrfan.
“All right.”Syrfan closed the communication.
Their quest is getting harder…


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