Route of Land(Path 58-The First Intermission)

At the rest area of the arena,
“So,where should we go now?We cannot do the analyzing job here.”Syrfan told Ozaryl.
“We’ll go to Riv.We’ll meet you at there.For now,you should secure the metals and get some powerful gear.Since that you have the metal,we’ll leave the metal on your hands.That’s it for now.See ya!”Ozaryl and the others were teleported to Riv.
“We have news from Fie.Let’s go upstairs.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.They went to the room in the convention center.
“The demons will attack Grauq ruins next week.We better go to Riv now.”Fie told them.
“Then,we must go to Riv and analyze the metals now so that we can forge special weapons to fight them.”Tefler told everyone.
“So,how about our master then?”Syrfan asked him back.
“He should be at Riv by now if he knows about the attack.We must go there at once!”Tefler shouted at him.
“Good.Let’s go.”Syrfan told everyone.
They cast dash,sprint,flash and restless spells on themselves and rushed to Riv.They arrived there four hours later.The capital of Riv having the same layout with Dugras,but the castle is larger.The people coming in and out,showing how busy the capital is.
“Oh,it’s you,princess.the king wants to see you now.And you three are her companions,right?Please follow him.”A guard at the south gate talked to everyone while pointing at a solider standing at the side of the main road.
“See ya!”Clair ran straight to the castle while the others followed her.
“So,where are we going?”Syrfan asked her.
“You are going to meet the legendary blacksmiths at the laboratory.”She answered.They went along the side roads to the west entrance of the castle,and went inside. The laboratory is empty at the center but full with equipments at the corners, except the upper right corner which is a place to put unused equipment for fixes.
“The equipments here are very advanced.I’m sure we can analyze the metals at here.”Fie told Syrfan and Tefler.
“Hey!Take your metals here!”Ozaryl shouted at them near the microscope,at the left upper corner.They walked to there and handed the metals to him.
“While we are analyzing the metals,you can remove your gears and the weapons.The weaponsmiths will repair them for you.”Agau told them.They leaved their armors and weapons at the right upper corner of the laboratory and waited there.
At the meantime,Clair went to the audience chamber,located at the center of the ground floor,and listened to the king’s order. It is hemispherical and white in color,with the king’s seat at the center.
“Well,my good little princess.So,did you found the holder of the lost royal sword?”The king asked Clair.
“Yes.He is Tefler Zargaso,the one that you hated most.”She answered.Then suddenly,
“Your highness,there is an emergency communication from lord Wirt of Zyland.”A soilder told him through a sound portal.
“Yes.Connect him to me.”He ordered the soilder.
“Go back to your room now.We’ll continue afterwards.”He called Clair and she was teleported to her room,located at the southern hallway of the third floor.
“So,what is it,lord Wirt that made you using the spell?”He talked to lord Wirt.
“So,king Refin Tyranof of Oszer,my warriors,Syrfan Sigmeund and Fie Sephin has arrived at your palace.I want you to treat them properly or I’ll break our ties.Anyway,I have some information that may interest you.”Lord Wirt told Refin.
“They are my guests.I won’t treat them poorly.So,what is it?”Refin asked him.
“Syrfan is the chosen one for the holy weapon.You should give him the weapon I gave it to you 5 years ago.It will help him on his quest.”Lord Wirt told him and closed the communication.
“Hmm…I must finish the long wait now…”Refin thought something.
Looks like there will be something shocking happen afterwards…


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2 Responses to “Route of Land(Path 58-The First Intermission)”

  1. flighttoinsanity Says:

    you seem either young or like english is not your first language. sentences like: “The walked to there and handed the metals to him.”
    if you are just trying to get the skeleton of the story down at this point i guess it is ok, but it would be nice if you described stuff a little more. right now it’s like.
    carprov said to thaodor ” let us go to the big city”.
    so they went there fast.
    “We are here in the city now, do you remember the way to the labs?” said thaodor
    “yes they are in the blue district, we will have to use our invisibility spell to get past the gaurds”.

    instead of
    carprov leaned against the burnt trunk of a once mighty pine tree. he motioned to theador. ” shall we go to the city tonight? ” personally he hoped that theodor would say no. their journey thus far had taken alot of his strength and he had already drained half the power that he had saved in his emerald crystal which he had won after defeating the langrel. never the lest he didn’t want to apear weak if theador was willing to trek on after so short a rest.

    see what i mean? you are just giving the bullet points. you need to flesh them out a bit. help me picture the people, places, sounds, smells, etc.

    • chaosfighters Says:

      Yeah, English is not my first language. When you mentioned about this, I start to think: Man, now I’m realized that I’m writing it like a walkthrough of a RPG! Perhaps that my novel puts extreme emphasis on combat rather anything else. Thanks for your advice.

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