Route of Land(Path 59-The Gifts)

Syrfan,Fie,Tefler and Clair were teleported to the audience chamber.
“Princess,Tefler,please come to the front.”A solider at the right of Refin called them.The moved a few steps forward.
“You two must get married by today.We will have a small ceremony here.”Refin gave them an order.
“Father…how about the clothings,rings,…”Clair told Refin.
“I prepared all of them.The cabinet allowed this so you should accept it.”Refin replied her.Several servants came in.
“Please follow us.”They called them and went outside.
“And,the chosen one,this weapon is for you.”Syrfan went to the front and received a sword from Refin.
“Are you sure?What if lord Wirt…”Syrfan asked him.
“He is the one who proposed it.The mission of finding the holy weapon is now officially the joint mission of Zyland and Oszer.Please don’t fail us.”Refin told him.
“Yes,your highness.”Syrfan replied him and walked backwards back to his position.
“I think Fie told you the rest.Have some rest at the guest room opposite of the princess’s room.”Refin teleported them to the guest room.
“This sword is a sword forged by my ancestors 118 years ago to remember the Zyland-Oszer war.The Tyranof family was exiled to Zyland and our king on that time raged war to help them reclaim the throne.The kings of Lestreb and Kugra on that time assisted the rebellion too.”Syrfan told Fie.
“Kugra?”Fie wondered what Syrfan was talking.
“Kugra was separated into Joques and Plidin 50 years ago.The king of Kugra on that time was died due to illness and the two princes separated it to satisfy the citizens.Their diplomatic relations were considered as the strongest in Lefrad.”Syrfan explained to her.
“This is a honor.Guard it well.”Fie told him and slept at a bed.Syrfan slept at another bed next to her.
Shortly afterwards,in the audience chamber,
“Princess and Tefler,please come in.”Tefler and Clair went inside after called by a priest.They walked to the front of the priest.
“Tefler Zargaso,will you accept Clair Tyranof as your wife,live with her forever,keeping her from harm and give her eternal happiness?”The priest asked Tefler.
“Yes,I do.”Tefler answered him.
“Clair Tyranof,will you accept Tefler Zargaso as your husband,live with him forever,keepinghim from harm and give him eternal happiness?”The priest asked her.
“Yes,I do.”Clair answered him.
“Tefler,took out the Oszer royal sword.”Refin told him.He took out the sword and the priest took it.
“Then,by the name of this sword,you two are now husband and wife!”The priest raised the sword and returned it to Tefler.
“Now,my daughter is yours.Take care of her well or I’ll send you to the realm of death!”Refin warned Tefler.
“I’ll take care of her as if I’m take care of myself,your highness.”Tefler answered him and they were teleported to the princess’s room.
“I…”Clair wanted to tell Tefler something but he quickly shut her mouth using his hand.
“I know.I’ll go to the laboratory.”Tefler teleported himself to the laboratory.
“What a considerate man… I love you,Tefler.”Clair rested on her bed.
“I’ll wait here until tonight.”Tefler rested at the corner where he removed his armors and weapons.
The night will be their personal night…


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