Route of Land(Path 60-The Confession Part One)

At night,Syrfan,Fie,Tefler and Clair woke up.
“I have some private matter to talk with the princess.I think you better start discharging your internal aura.I’ll go to her room.”Fie told Syrfan and leaved the room.
At the princess’s room,
“I must tell Fie about the chosen one.I’m sure she will go inside.”Clair was mumbling to herself.
At the laboratory,
“I think I need to tell him something.”He teleported himself to Syrfan’s room.
“Hmm…I’ll discharge my internal aura too.”Tefler was mumbling to himself and discharged his internal aura.After they discharged their internal aura,they start their chatters.
“So,did you marry the princess?”Syrfan asked Tefler.
“Yeah,it is simple but very noble.”Tefler answered him.
“You haven’t complete the ceremony at her room,right?If you did that I’ll go on my own.”Syrfan warned him.
“She refused to.Even if she demanded it,I’ll go away.I know,before we complete this joint mission,anything else is just like dusts.”Tefler told him.
“Let’s go outside.The air is fresher outside.”Syrfan told him.They went outside and wandered around the capital.
“You are very powerful.I’m quite impressed.But I’m sure,you must feeling sad of bearing the pain when you gained extreme powers in such a young age.”Tefler told Syrfan.
“Although I am very powerful,I must undergo the standard education.Being considered as a genius is very painful.I wanted friends as companions,not as supporters.Only Fie and a few knows about this.Perhaps I love her because of this.”Syrfan told him.
“You are very lucky.My subordinates considered me as a boss.Nothing else.But you indeed fight along with me.Let’s fight together,pal!”Tefler raised his boomerang.
“We’ll fight to the holy trial!”Syrfan knocked his boomerang using his sword.They kept their weapon in their sack.The night was full with stars.Another unknown planet was visible too.It looked like a moon in Earth.
“What do you think about Clair?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“I’m sure you are physically attracted to him,or at least reminded you about your time when you were just born.For me,she is a master magician.Her gear does not imply her other jobs related to magic.Nothing else.”Syrfan told him.
“If you tell me this 10 years ago,I’ll kill you.But now,she is a sweet and gentle towards me,although we had some quarrels before.She is the flower blooming forever in my heart.”Tefler told him.
“Oh,I see.What do you think about Fie then?”Syrfan asked him.
“She is a powerful sorceress.She is quite pretty and cheerful too.I can sense your weapons are resonating with hers as if they are one.I’m sure that you have strong ties with her.”Tefler gave a reply.
“I lived with her since I was 1 so it was like we cannot hide secrets from each other.Her relatives and some of my friends teased us as old husband and wife.”Syrfan laughed.
“Let’s talk with others.This is our night of confession.”Syrfan added and leaved Tefler alone.
At the meantime,in Clair’s room,Fie and Clair had a deep talk.
“Hey,you joined us in the Frag temple right?”Clair asked Fie.
“Yeah.I wanted to fight with him.I’m impatient to wait until he get the holy weapon.”Fie told her.
“Let me tell you.He likes to peep into others’ romantic secrets.I wondered why he has such a bad habit.”Clair told Fie.
“He must missed me so much.Although we were in love and lived together for years,but we never had romantic moments.Leaving me alone must be painful for him.But for duty,he can sacrifice anything.That’s why I love him.”Fie blushed.
“You are so lucky.At least I and Tefler are just having conversation through sound portal communication.We seldom meet and we met for just official matters.”Clair told Fie with lower tone.
“Even if being teased as old husband and wife?”Fie laughed.
“Look like you are destined to love her.”Clair laughed too.
“Let’s go outside.We can’t let our secrets leaked to the servants.”Clair added and teleported themselves to the royal fountain north of the castle.
“Well,what do you think about Syrfan?”Fie asked Clair.
“He is very skillful.He always concentrate in his mission and sometimes even dared to sacrifice himself.”Clair answered her.
“What?”Fie shocked with her answer.
“When there is an assault on the fountain at Norch,he absorbed a dark laser and he was submerged in the darkness.At least there is a guardian who healed him.”Clair added.
“He always behaved like this.Sometimes I scolded him for that.?”Fie replied her.
“What do you think about Tefler then?”Clair asked her.
“Well,I don’t know much about him.I don’t know how he is yet.But he somehow has a bond with Syrfan.I’ll go and find Tefler to see how he is.”Fie answered her and leaved her alone.
The next confession will start soon…


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