Route of Land(Path 61-The Confession Part Two)

Syrfan went towards the royal fountain and met Clair.
“I thought you were talking to Fie in your room.”Syrfan shocked of her presence.
“Well,there are some things that the servants and guards should not know.”Clair explained to him.
“So,are you prepared for the battle?I’m sure that the Grauq ruin store the second cross.I hoped that you’ll ready.”Syrfan asked her.
“I’m ready to fight.This mission is critical to the stability of this continent.We cannot afford to deal two wars at the same time.Our country is already raging wars with Lestreb with some assistance from your country and Hafnal.Anyway,I will not forgive you if you sacrifice yourself again.Remember that clearly!”Clair told him.
“Lord Wirt never attempted to attack your country.He is a peace lover.Anyway,I know what I’m doing.”Syrfan avoided her sight and looked at the unknown planet.
“Well,I feel that we are similar somehow.”Clair told him.
“In terms of the fighting spirit and the will of fight along with the one we love,I suppose.”Syrfan told her while still looking at it.
“I feel like fighting as comrades with you.Maybe we will not meet again after this is all over.”Clair looked at the fountain’s water.
“Well,we will meet again.I’m sure of it.”Syrfan leaved the fountain and walked ramdomly around the capital.
At the meantime,Tefler met Fie near east entrance of the castle.
“Hey,who are you actually?”Tefler asked her.
“I’m,Fie Sephin,the royal astrology adviser and fortune teller of Zyland.Syrfan is my boyfriend.”Fie answered him.
“I’m Tefler Zargaso,the leader of Oszer Union.”Tefler replied her.
“Well,Syrfan must helped you a lot.”Fie told him and looked the unknown planet too.
“He is indeed help me a lot.He has extreme battling abilities.I wondered why you like him because he seemed to be like a fighting maniac.”Tefler asked her.
“He sometimes fights too seriously that he forgets that he should rest for a while.”Tefler laughed.
“He always had been like this for years.”Fie added.
“So,how you attracted to Syrfan?I don’t think that it is as simple as living together in a house and becoming friends since small.”Tefler asked Fie with a serious tone.
“He is a fighter devoted to go through everything.I wanted to fight beside him forever.I want to fill his soul with love so that he will heal if he is ‘hurt’.”Fie started to cry.
“How loyal.If you want to cry for this,go cry in front of him.He will kill me if he know this.”Tefler walked away from her and went towards the bridge near the north entrance.
The last part of confession will start soon…


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