Route of Land(Path 62-The Confession Part Three)

When Syrfan wanted to go back to the guest room from the east entrance,he met Fie crying near it and went towards her.
“Don’t cry,my dear.”Syrfan wiped her tears.
“Then,answer me a question.What is your ultimate goal?”Fie asked him.
“Kill the demon lord.”Syrfan answered her with a serious tone.
“After that?”Fie asked him again.
“I’ll marry you and we will build a family together.”Syrfan blushed.
“Good.I thought you will continue fighting and asked me if I’ll tag along.”Fie stopped crying.
“A fighter can fight in many ways.I don’t care if I have to quit the army as long as I can serve Zyland and take care of you at the same time.”Syrfan avoided her sight.
“Look at me.”Fie scolded him.He looked at her.
“So,will you join me then?This is an official mission so we can get the recognition together.”Syrfan asked her.
“I will.I’ll protect you no matter what.”Fie hugged him.
“This will be another ‘love’ mission.Are you ready?”Syrfan kissed her forehead.
“I’m ready.Let’s go back to our room.”Fie replied him.They went back to the guest room and slept there.
At the meantime,at the bridge near the north entrance,Clair met Tefler.
“So,how was you with Syrfan?”Clair asked Tefler.
“The true meaning of friendship…I finally get it.The resonance of the weapons, The connection of the hearts,and the most important thing,the synchronization of souls.I can now feel it.He taught me all of these through his style of fighting.He is my only true friend.”Tefler looked at the starry sky.
“Hey,what about me?”Clair scolded him.
“You?Don’t worry,you are my lovely wife and the one who I love.”Tefler calmed her.
“Lovely?Should I say…”Clair wanted to tease him but he quickly shut her mouth using his hand.
“Please,that is 10 years ago.I never think about that now.”Tefler told her and put his hand away.
“Oh.Sorry.But you must think about…”Clair requested something but Tefler interrupted her.
“Syrfan told me that we are not allowed to have kids before the mission is finish or he’ll dump us.”Tefler warned her.
“Perhaps he wants us to keep the stability of our spiritual energy.Let’s have sleep.We need to get recharged completely for tomorrow’s mission.”Clair dragged him to her room and had sleep.
The next mission will start soon…


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