Route of Land(Path 63-The Demon’s Lair)

The next morning, Syrfan, Fie, Tefler and Clair woke up and met at the hallway.
“Are you ready? We’ll go to the Grauq ruins at once after we collect the equipments.” Syrfan asked everyone.
“Yes! Let’s go!” They answered him. They collected the equipments at the laboratory.
“The analysis is imcomplete. We will teleport the weapons to you once we are done with it. You go first.” Ozaryl yelled at them.
They walked out from the capital and went towards Grauq. While they were on their way,
“So, what should we do? They are heading to the ruin.” Several fighters were observing them.
“Well,at least they are not the demons We must report to the leader now.” They teleported themselves out of nowhere.
Two days later,they arrived at the Grauq ruins.
“So, you arrived at here. I was ordered by your father to guard the ruins. Be careful, our workers said that the ruin is very dark that even the sunlight spell can only give short range of visibility.” Kisef told them.
“What are they doing here?” Syrfan asked them.
“They just check the ruins if there is any trespassers. There are no archeologists who wanted to study the ruin because it is rumored as the demon’s lair. Yet, there is no reports on demon attacks since we started exploring the ruins.” Kisef explained to him.
“So,is there any workers inside?” Tefler asked him.
“There is one worker who dropped his pass still trapped in the ruins.” Kisef answered him.
“I understand. We will find him and take him out.” Syrfan told him and dragged them into the ruin.
“It is too dark here. The dark aura is extremely concentrated.” Clair scared with the darkness. Then, Syrfan took out the light sphere and cast light barrier and light sphere to protect it from the dark aura. The light illuminated the ruin.
“Looks like this is great. We can look at the ruin better now.” Tefler praised Syrfan.
“Let’s go.” Syrfan called Tefler and Clair. While exploring the ruins, they met the worker.
“So, you are the explorers. Follow me. My name is Coby Kife.” Coby introduced himself. They walked around the ruins and when they went down to the B4 floor, another minion of the demon lord, Uryh, a matador knight blocked their way.
Looks like this will be another fight…


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