Route of Land(Path 64-Clone Image)

“It’s time to test the weapons.” Syrfan took out the murazrai saint sword. It emitted intense saint aura. Fie took out the sword too.
“Hmph!” Uryh cast evil storm on them. Lots of bat shaped evil waves were launched on them. Syrfan and Fie charged their swords and stabbed it on the ground.A saint barrier was formed around them and protected them from being hit.
“Presistent.” Uryh rushed to the front and attacked the barrier using his bare hands. His hands was neither like a human’s nor a demon’s hands. They were swords instead.Tefler cast bolt ignalial on him. He avoided the spell by creating a clone image and dashed backwards.
“Damn!”Syrfan broke the barrier and rushed forward to slash him.He avoided the attack using the same trick again. Syrfan quickly dashed backwards. Realizing that he will approach a junction, Tefler and Clair quickly launched yin yang nova slash wave, but this time it rotated on the center. Then, Fie and Coby took out their spreader guns and aimed at him.
“Persistent.” He cast wall and ran away. The slash wave blew the wall apart. They quickly rushed to the deepest floor and finally they met him again at the entrance of an unknown room.
“You can’t run away now.” Clair charged herself with holy aura and cast holy covalanax on him. He used his clone image skill again and his body penetrated the magic circles. Syrfan quickly rushed to the front and slashed him. He was hit and smashed the door. The door was cracked.
“Damn…” Uryh quickly rushed to the front and attempted to slash Syrfan. Fie and Coby charged themselves with flame aura and cast flame tower Gemini on him. Tefler and Clair jumped and threw their boomerang towards him. As the result, Uryh was hit and his attack missed.
“Phew…”Syrfan charged himself with bolt aura and cast bolt astraea on him. He used the shadow body trick again but Syrfan quickly cast it again on him and he was hit.
“You won this time, but I’ll get you next time!” Uryh teleported himself to the realm of satan. Then, another minion of demon lord, Varey, an evil sylph appeared from the same spot.
The fighters will see something shocking…


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