Route of Land(Path 65-Removal of Satan)

Varey started her attack by charging her evil and holy auras together and cast fallen angel’s strike. Angel’s wing shaped slash waves filled with evil aura were launched towards them.
“Take this!” Tefler and Clair charged their Tyranof knight sword with holy aura and launched phoenix strike to defend them. The phoenix feathers were launched and broke the slash waves. The sylph move through the door and went inside the unknown room.
They quickly rushed inside and cast wall around the holy cross. Varey charged herself with bolt aura and charged towards them, as if a rugby player ran towards the opponents. Coby took out his sword and charged it with metal aura. Then, he quickly threw it towards her. She strafed to the left and avoided the attack. Fie and Clair charged themselves with holy aura and cast Heaven’s road. A pair of parallel holy flames moved on the ground towards her. She jumped to avoid the spell, but Tefler quickly cast holy fizat on her. She cast gravity on herself but it was too late and she was injured by the crosses launched above him. Syrfan charged his sword with saint aura and launched a slash wave. It hit her but she did not turned into dusts.
“Aaaaargh!” Varey screamed and she emitted holy light. Her evil aura was dissipating. A few seconds later, she turned into a normal sylph.
“Thank you very much for saving me. The chosen one, please take the cross.”She called Syrfan. He took the cross and he was teleported to the realm of saint again.
“You are now passed half of the qualification. The next holy item is separated by the sea so think of a way so that you can still step the land.” The mysterious sound ordered him.
“I understand. I’ll do it.” Syrfan was teleported back to the room and they left the ruin. Varey was teleported to the realm of saint.
At the outside of the ruins,
“You dropped your pass so that you can stay in the ruin and help them. A brave yet ignorant move. I’ll forget you this time but don’t do it again.” Kisef warned Coby.
“Well, where we are going?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“We are going to Xel and crossing the Saline straits to Hafnal.” Syrfan told him.
“Then, better go now. The water levels are the lowest now.” Clair told Syrfan. They leaved Grauq and went to Xel. They will face another threat, but not from the demons…


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