Route of Land(Path 66-A Plan)

One day later, they arrived at Xel. The port town has only two gates as the northern and western sides are the sea. There is a bridge under construction at the north-western corner. The town has two parts: the docks and the town itself. The town’s buildings are all surrounding the central statue of the current mayor, Fanil Stire, who is Lyank’s uncle. The docks have 5 loading docks (labeled docks no.1-5) and 5 transporting docks (labeled docks no.6-10), which are parallel with each other. The loading docks are for loading and unloading goods stored in magic-made containers. The transporting docks are for the people who move around Hafnal and Oszer.
“So,where is the starting spot?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“I think it is better asking the people at the docks.” Clair told everyone. They went to the dock no.7 and asked a guard there.
“I heard rumors that the seabed will be exposed to air at night. Is that true?” Tefler asked a guard who guarding the dock.
“You want to cross the straits like that? I doubt you can make it. How come you can go through there when you have only 15 minutes of time?” She laughed.
“When is it? Can you tell us?” Syrfan asked him.
“1900. Good luck.” She told them.
“Thanks.” Tefler told her and they leaved the docks.
At the statue,
“So, what should we do?” Tefler asked everyone.
“Hmm…I suggest that we get some shopping here. You know about here, so any weapons shops?” Syrfan asked him.
“The shops here are for the rich tourists. I think is better to go across the sea to get them. The shops there are generally cheaper and good in quality.” Tefler told him.
“Yeah, I know a good place. Remember during our mission in Hafnal? There is a coffee shop over there. They must like the coffee too.” Clair told Tefler.
“Coffee…that reminds me of the old man at the main road…” Syrfan thought of something.
“Syrfan, let’s go. We have nothing to do.” Fie called Syrfan.
“OK.” They went to the coffee shop, located exactly north of the second circle.
“Four cups of local coffee please.” Tefler shouted at the waiter.
They will have a pleasant suprise….


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