Route of Land(Path 67-Prelude of Matches)

While they were waiting for the drink,
“Hey, what are they doing there? Don’t tell me that they are crossing the strait at night.” Someone was observing them.
“I cannot let them cross the strait. I’ll start my operation tonight.” The person leaved the town and went to the docks.
At the meantime,
“Here’s your coffee.” The waiter served them the coffee they ordered just now.
“Call your manager now!” Syrfan suddenly shouted at her after he drank the coffee. Then the manager showed himself up.
“This coffee…do you know about an old man opening a stall at outskirts of Dugras?” Syrfan asked him.
“He is my grandfather. You must be shocked when you found out that the taste of them are the same. He opened this coffee shop 55 years ago and he flew away on that instant.” He laughed.
“Oh…I see. Thanks.” Syrfan thanked him.
“If you see him again, tell him to go back. Our family missed him so much.” The manager told him and leaved the coffee shop.
“Hey, what is going on here?” Fie asked Syrfan.
“I thought that this shop is cheating. That’s it.” Syrfan answered her.
“This coffee is great because it is caffeine free and it regulates the internal aura of our body. The effect is exactly like just finish discharging the internal aura.” Syrfan told everyone.
“So, what is our next stop? We have 6 hours before the seabed is exposed.” Fie asked Tefler.
“There is a mini arena at a warehouse near dock no.9. Let’s get some warm up before we cross the straits.” Tefler told everyone while knocking the table to call the waiter.
“60 Gleds, sir.” She told Tefler. Tefler paid the money and they went to the warehouse.
Once they arrived at the entrance, they met several guards.
“Are you come for fight? We don’t welcome outsiders.” The guard told them.
“Let them in. They are the royal explorers of Zyland and Oszer.” Ilman Selic, the owner of the arena told the guards. They went inside and saw fighters were watching a match in the arena. It is a hemisphere shaped barrier and the floor is made from concrete.
“Sylphonic fire ignalial!” Fanil cast the spell on his opponent, Tzinol Stire, his son.
“What? The shape at the magic circle is hexagram?” Clair shocked with the pattern of the magic circle.
“This kind of spell is more common in Hafnal and Lestreb. There are more advanced spells compared to this. Kore spells form magic circles with a heptagram at the center. Ophim spells form magic circles with an octagram at the center.” Syrfan explained to her.
“Then, what is the name of the default spell which we commonly use?” Fie asked him.
“Astir.” Tefler answered her.
“These kinds of spells consume more aura and spiritual energy. But they are more powerful and support more variants.” Syrfan told everyone.
“Looks like you know a lot about them.” Fanil won the fight and told him.
“Yes, why?” Syrfan asked him back.
“Want a battle with team Welcit? It is four of you so it will be a fair battle.” Fanil asked them.
“Yes. We just want to kill time.” Syrfan agreed with him.
“We just heard this and we accept your challenge. What is your bet?” The team just came and its leader, Ofdig Fedry told Syrfan.
“If we win, you’ll give us four pair of mach boots. If you win, we’ll give you 5000 Gleds. Agreed?” Syrfan asked them.
“We agreed.” Ofdig answered him.
They will face unexpected opponents…


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