Route of Land(Path 68-Second Magical Tricks)

“The first fighter from both teams can now enter the arena.” Ilman told them.
“Clair, you go.” Syrfan called her.
“Meridiel, go.” Ilman called Meridiel Nefaris, a mage. They went inside the arena.
“The first battle starts!” Ilman shouted.
Meridiel started her attack by casting sylphonic fire astraea on Clair. Clair quickly cast sylphonic aqua astraea on himself to cancel the spell.
“I thought the fighters of Oszer and Zyland know nothing to these.” Meridiel told Clair.
“We are the best fighters from the region so don’t underestimate us.” Clair told her.
“Sylphonic cyclone ignalial!” Meridiel cast the spell on her.
“Sylphonic gravity!” Clair cast the spell on herself defended herself. She took out the Tyranof knight sword and launched several slash waves on Meridiel. She quickly blocked them using her trident.
“This is bad. She is holding one of the rare weapons.” Clair started became anxious.
“A sorcerer knows how to launch slash waves?” Meridiel became anxious too.
“Mermaid’s scales!” Meridiel cast the spell on Clair. Lots of scales were launched towards her but she quickly defended herself by launching slash waves. Meridiel charged her trident with toxin (upgraded version of poison) and aqua auras and cast sea of doom. Toxic water rose from the ground. Clair jumped, charged herself with frost (upgraded version of ice) and cast frost gauge. The toxic water turned into normal ice and Meridiel was stuck in the ice.
“You are finished!” Meridiel break herself free, crushed the ice and launched the debris towards Clair. Clair quickly melted them using the vapor spell.
“Crystalize!” The water formed turned into crystals and hit Clair. She was hit and injured badly but she healed herself.
“Aqua crystals…she is very powerful….” Clair became cautious. She launched several slash waves again and quickly cast bolt astraea on Meridiel. She was hit and slightly injured.
“She is no simple magician.” Meridiel charged her trident with wind aura and launched several slash waves on Clair. She jumped but the slash waves reflected through the barrier and hit her. She fell towards Meridiel. She charged her feet with bolt aura and kicked Meridiel. She was electrocuted and her trident was stolen.
“How dare you do this?” Meridiel shouted at Clair.
“Let me show you how to use this.” Clair taunted her. She charged it with bolt aura and cast bolt claw astraea on her. She defended herself by casting discharge barrier. Then, Clair charged the trident with fire with aqua auras. Then, she cast hot spring and hot waterfall spells on her. She was scalded and fainted. Clair won the battle. She healed Meridiel and returned her trident.
“Thanks. I didn’t know that this weapon is so useful.” Meridiel told Clair.
“You should practice a lot.” Clair told her. They left the arena.
The next fight will be as intense as this…


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