Route of Land(Path 69-Tricks For The Second Time)

“The second fighter from both teams, please enter the arena now.” Ilman told them.
“Tefler, you go.” Syrfan called him.
“Quart, go.” Ofdig called Quart Kof, a light knight(a knight who wear suits rather than armors). They went inside the arena.
“The second battle starts!” Ilman shouted.
Quart started his attack by launching several slash waves on Tefler. He jumped and threw his boomerang on Quart. He blocked the boomerang using his sword but he was hit by the shots from the boomerang.
“Damn…” Quart swung his sword and the boomerang was returned to Tefler.
“You are really persistent.” Tefler told him.
“Then, take this!” Quart charged his sword with bolt aura and launched several bolt pulses on him. Tefler parried them by charging his boomerang with protons and threw it upwards. The bolt pulses hit the boomerang and it was jammed.  He dashed backwards and took out his sword.
“He is no simple fighter. I must be careful.” Quart charged his sword with earth aura and stabbed it to the ground.
“Earth astraea, eh? I will not lose!” Tefler charged himself with metal aura and sealed himself in a metal block. Stalagmites and stalactites formed around the magic circles formed above his head and on the ground but they were crushed when they reached the metal block.
“This is bad.” Quart charged his sword with metal aura and cast metal barrier on himself.
“Fool.” Tefler cast acid mist on the barrier and it turned into crystal barrier. Then, He broke himself free and launched the metals towards Quart. The barrier was destroyed and he was wounded. He healed himself.
“I haven’t fought such a persistent fighter before.” Quart charged his sword with flame aura and launched several flame shots on him. He kicked them and they hit the boomerang. The boomerang was recovered.
“Damn…” Quart became anxious. He charged his sword with wind aura and launched slash waves on Tefler.
“Looks like I have to teach him a lesson.” Tefler took his boomerang and absorbed the slash waves. The boomerang turned into moon striker bow. Unlike other bows, it has no strings but has a hole to allow one hand holding.
“What?” Quart and Tefler shocked with the change.
“You are finished!” Tefler charged it with moon aura and shot Estrie(the god of moon)’s arrow on Quart. Quart blocked it with his sword but when Tefler shot another one, it crushed his sword completely, including its hilt and pierced through his body. Quart was fainted and Tefler won the battle.
“The fusion is great. Thank you very much.” Tefler told Quart.
“You are indeed powerful.” Quart replied him. They left the arena.
The next battle will be as intense as this…


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