Route of Land(Path 70-Last, But Not Least)

“The third fighter from each team, please go into the arena now.” Ilman called both teams.
“Fie, you go.” Syrfan called her.
“Gyfen, go.” Ofdig called Gyfen Erinhus, an aura master. They went into the arena.
“The third battle begins!” Ilman announced the start of the battle.
“Sylphonic cyclone!” Gyfen started her attack.
“Aura capture!” Fie cancelled the spell and the wind aura was concentrated in her sword. Gyfen quickly further charge the wind aura and made it blew Fie away.
“She can control aura with ease…I cannot use spells.” Fie thought a strategy.
“Wind blade!” Gyfen cast the spell and the sword launches several wind slash waves on her. Fie kicked them away and they went back towards Gyfen. She blocked them with Fie’s sword but it shattered.
“Dust ball!” Gyfen cast the spell. A concrete block was taken from the ground and it made a hole there. Then, it was crushed into dusts and the dusts formed a dust ball. The pressure applied to it was very high and it looked like a rock. Gyfen launched it towards Fie.
“I must not kick it or I’ll be injured.” Fie avoided it but it directed towards her again. The she rushed towards Gyfen and kicked her. She was pushed 10 centimeters. After that, Fie ran through her using dimensional change spell. The dust ball hit her and she was injured.
“She knows my tricks. I must be careful.” Gyfen took out her dual laser cannons and attached them on her shoulder. She charged them and launched them towards the barrier.
“She is dead meat.” Ofdig mumbled to himself. The barrier turned yellowish orange in color and it launched lots of lasers on her.
“This is committing suicide.” Fie cast laser barrier plus reflector on herself and the lasers were reflected. Yet, the lasers were still hitting her.
“These lasers are homing lasers. Let’s see how long you can withstand this.” Gyfen taunted her. After 30 seconds, the attack ended and Fie removed her shield.
“That is impossible!” Gyfen shocked that Fie was unharmed.
“I’ll show you how to use them.” Fie took out her dual cannons and attached them on her shoulder. She charged them with positrons and sun aura. Then, she launched dual sun blast. Gyfen charged them and launched dual laser blast to retaliate but the sun blast penetrated through and blew her away. She hit the barrier and fainted. Fie won the battle.
“Where you get that weapon?” Tefler asked Fie.
“She got it as her 21st birthday present.” Syrfan told Tefler.
“Looks like this is your team’s first loss.” Ilman told Ofdig.
“Let’s leave this place. We have more training to do. We have other matches today.” Ofdig called his teammates.
“For the one who did not fight just now, today is your lucky day. You will not be lucky next time.” Ofdig told Syrfan and gave them four pairs of mach boots. They left the arena.
“Now is 1530. We have 3 hours and 30 minutes. Let’s kill time at somewhere else.” Syrfan told everyone.
“You are not going anywhere.” Ilman told them.
“What you want this time?” Syrfan asked him.
“I challenge you in a battle. Come into the arena now.” Ilman told him.
“I accept it.” Syrfan answered him and went into the arena.
“This is bad. He defeated Ofdig using a single blow at the start of the battle.” The guard was worried about Syrfan.
The next fight will be more intense than the previous one…


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