Route of Land(Path 71-Striking Blows)

“Ophimic dragon fist!” Ilman cast the spell on his fists and punched a dragon blow on Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with dragon aura and launched sinedra sword strike to defend himself. Both attacks cancelled each other.
“This is unbelievable. Is he a demon?” Ilman shocked that his attack was cancelled.
“Don’t ever underestimate me!” Syrfan told Ilman. Ilman took out his sword and charged it with bolt aura. Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura. They stood in an attacking stance and stared each other.
“Bolt cage!” Ilman cast the spell on Syrfan. Syrfan was prisoned in a bolt cage. Ilman cast internal pulse strike on the cage. Lots of bolt pulses were launched towards Syrfan.
“What an inconsiderate move.” Syrfan cast transpose on himself. The bolt pulses hit Syrfan but Ilman was electrocuted. Ilman cancelled the spells and freed Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura and stabbed his sword to the ground. Rock pillars rose from the ground surrounding him. Ilman charged his sword with wind aura, rushed towards Syrfan and launched wave slash attack oh him. He quickly charged his fists with wind aura and punched towards Ilman. Both attacks crushed some rock pillars and cancelled each other. Syrfan quickly launched the debris towards Ilman. He was injured and pushed backwards.
“What the?” Ilman shocked with his fighting abilities.
“As I already said, don’t ever underestimate us.” Syrfan told Ilman.
“You should never underestimate me too.” Ilman charged himself with sun and moon auras.
“Damn!” Syrfan charged himself with holy and dark auras. They stood in a shooting stance. Their charged auras were concentrated at their palms.
“Sun eclipse light blast!” Ilman shot the blast.
“Yin yang light blast!” Syrfan shot the blast too. Both blasts cancelled each other. They were exhausted. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with frost aura and stabbed it to the ground. Ice shards were launched from his back and stabbed him. He was fainted and Syrfan won the battle.
“Good skill, fighter.” Syrfan healed him and told him.
“Looks like you are very skillful.” Ilman praised Syrfan and gave him three sea knight swords.
“Find a steel trident and combine them. It will form the sea general trident. It will help a lot when you are in Hafnal then.” Ilman told him. Syrfan thanked him and they left the warehouse.
“Steel tridents are no longer used now. How should we find it?” Tefler asked them while going to the central statue.
“I think that it is not the steel trident. It is the sea master trident. I feel that I will not use them at all.” Syrfan told him.
“Then, let’s go and wait at the docks!” Tefler shouted at everyone. Then, they went to dock no.10 and waited there.
They will not expect that they will face another threat…


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