Route of Land(Path 72-Time Attack)

At 1859, the sea level started to drop down.
“Wear the mach boots and get the spells ready. We must cross the strait in one try.” Syrfan called everyone. They wore the boots and cast dash, sprint, flash and restless spells and rushed through the seabed.
At the meantime,
“It’s time to start my operation. They must not reach the Zetil beach.” Someone was observing them from there. The person quickly rushed to the seabed too.
When they were 100 meters away from Zetil and 10 minutes before the sea rose again, they were blocked by a spearman.
“You are not welcomed at Hafnal. My name is Gopler Crafud. I’ve been monitoring you since morning and I found out that you want to cross here. Walk over my dead body if you want to go there.” Gopler shown himself up and took out his double-tip sword lance.
“This is very dangerous. Stay back, folks. This kind of weapon can blow us away like a tornado.” Syrfan warned them. Fie, Tefler and Clair walked backwards for a few steps.
“You think that this will help them?” Gopler asked Syrfan.
“I am the one who lead them. They are not involved with this. Let’s fight fair and square.” Syrfan challenged him.
“You will lose.” Gopler spun his lance and launched a wheel shaped slash wave on Syrfan. Syrfan strafed to the right to avoid it.
“He is definitely strong. Such a powerful slash waves from such a heavy weapon. He is no simple fighter.” Syrfan became cautious. He charged his sword with bolt aura and stabbed it on the ground. Bolt pulses rose from the ground and electrocuted Gopler.
“Damn…I forgot that he is not from Hafnal or Oszer…” Gopler healed himself. He charged himself with earth aura and cast sinking ground on Syrfan. He jumped and stepped on Gopler’s head. Gopler was sinked instead. Gopler quickly cancelled the spell and Syrfan jumped back to his initial position. Gopler charged himself with metal aura and launched lots of metal blades. Syrfan quickly blocked them using the wall spell.
“I have 3 minutes left. Better kill him right now.” Gopler charged the lance with metal aura and threw it towards Syrfan. Syrfan charged his feet with metal aura and kicked it. The lance were broke into two swords. Syrfan took them and reform the lance.
“You know nothing about this weapon.” Syrfan told Gopler.
“You are just an outsider!” Gopler took out his spear and rushed towards Syrfan. He quickly charged the lance with bolt aura and shot bolt pulses on Gopler. Gopler avoided the pulses and attempted to slash him but he quickly threw the lance and its pole hit Gopler. He was thrown to the beach and they quickly rushed there.
“My mission is failed. Forgive me…” Gopler was fainted. Then, suddenly a knight came towards them. She was shocked with Gopler’s condition.
“Did he fight you just now?” She asked Syrfan.
“Yes. He stopped us from crossing the seabed and forced us to fight him.” Syrfan explained to her.
“Let’s go to the Zetil village. We have important things to tell you. Take him along too.” She ordered them. They carried Gopler to the village.
They will receive another briefing…


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