Route of land(Path 73-The Second Intermission)

Zetil village has no gates, and the houses were scattered everywhere. Yet, there is a multi-purpose hall at the center. They were brought there by the knight.
“I cannot understand why he did this to you. I’ve already explained to him lots of times and he still won’t listen to me.” She mumbled to himself while healing Gopler.
“I got some rumors about the third holy item is stored in the saint temple of Arton village. Is that correct? Tefler asked her.
“Yes.” She answered.
“Oh…I forget to introduce myself. My name is Federei Asdren, the head of international affairs division of Hafnal kingdom and the leader of the “saint guard” royal task force.” Federei introduced herself.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, a royal captain of Zyland kingdom.” Syrfan introduced himself.
“My name is Fie Sephin, the royal astrology advisor and fortune teller of Zyland kingdom.” Fie introduced herself too.
“My name is Tefler Zargaso, the leader of Oszer union.” Tefler introduced himself.
“My name is…” Clair wanted to introduce herself but Syrfan quickly stopped her after looking at Federei.
“Sorry, I forgot that you are…” Federei knelt down but Clair quickly held her hand and pulled her up.
“Put away the formalities for now. We are now on your command.” Clair told her.
“So, what is this task force?” Syrfan asked her.
“Our kingdom set up this royal task force to protect you from people like him.” She answered Syrfan and pointed at Gopler.
“The king set up this royal task force himself and some of the division leaders secretly create their own task forces and attempted to destroy you. They claimed that the treasure of the temple is the property of Hafnal kingdom and it should never fall to the hands of foreigners. I feel pity of them because they were tricked and threatened by them.” She added. Then, she cried.
“I know how to deal with this. I endured this before.” Syrfan told her and woke Gopler up.
“Hey, you! I will not allow…” Gopler shouted at Syrfan but he was slapped instead.
“Treasure of Hafnal? The king himself never claims this!” Syrfan shouted at him.
“You don’t know that the temple is our only source of income. Once you take the treasure, there will be no…” Gopler told Syrfan but Federei grabbed him.
“We can survive through fishing. I know I’ll be unemployed after I finished this job and you want to…but remember during the childhood times, we are considered the master fishermen?” Federei hugged him.
“The control measures to protect fishes were strictening…I doubt if we can…” Gopler cried.
“Remember the cultivation technique you studied yourself long time ago? The agriculture division took credit for you and will publicize the technique for everyone under your name next week.” Federei calmed him.
“Oh yeah? I’ll listen to you again.” He pushed her away.
“Sorry.” Gopler told everyone.
“You must go to the temple at once. I know you are exhausted after crossing the straits but…” Federei told them but Tefler interrupted her.
“The interrupting forces must have duplicated the holy items and went to the temple to take the holy item. Perhaps the villagers…” Tefler made an assumption but suddenly he stopped when a sound portal appeared.
“We are under attack! They brought the elite troops to make an assault!” A solider reported to Federei.
“I know what to do.” Syrfan drew a magic circle and started to focus his mind.
This will be Syrfan’s first long range battle…


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