Route of Land(Path 74-Long Range Battle 1)

Syrfan drew a magic circle on the ground and sat on it.
“Are you sure to do this?” Federei asked him.
“Yes. I need the coordinates to prevent civilian damage.” Syrfan answered her and started charging bolt aura around him.
“Do as he instructed.” Federei instructed the soldier. The soldier quickly gave the coordinates to Syrfan using the mind connection spell.
“Bolt strike!” Syrfan cast the spell and lots of bolt pulses were launched from the sky.
At the meantime,
“At the order of the heritage division, we demand you to give access to us or we will destroy your village!” A gunner shouted at Jagaf Efow, the chief of Arton village.
“We will not obey your orders. We accept only orders from the king himself!” Jagaf shouted at him. Then, the elite soldiers and the knights of the task force battled against each other. Suddenly, the elite soldiers were quickly defeated, one by one by the bolt pulses launched by Syrfan.
“You win this time. Next time, you will lose!” The gunner retreated.
“Looks like the chosen one has arrived.” Jagaf mumbled to himself.
“Back to Zetil village, Syrfan discharged the aura and cleared the magic circle after the elite troops were wiped out.
“This will keep them busy. Better go there and have some nice rest before we take the next holy item. They will not attack again, right?” Tefler told everyone.
“That is impossible. They will launch another assault shortly afterwards. Yet, we must go there at once to help the knights.” Syrfan told everyone. They agreed and quickly rushed towards Arton village. While they were rushing to the village,
“Why you don’t ask help from us?” Clair asked Federei.
“We don’t want to involve other countries in this problem. In fact, the external affairs division took neutral position since our task force was established.” Federei answered her.
“The opposing forces were gathering in front of us. We must launch long range attacks from here.” Fie told everyone after looking at her crystal ball.
“Then, let’s fight them!” Tefler took out his gun and cast infinite shot on the gun and sniper sight on himself. Then, he started shooting at the enemies. The soldiers were felling one by one.
“Long range attack, huh? I’ll do it too!” Clair took out his sword and charged it with acid and aqua aura. Then, she cast acid rain on the enemies.
“Looks like I’ll have to use another way. Fie, will you join me?” Syrfan took out his dual cannons and attached them on his shoulders.
“Yes.” Fie took out her dual cannons and attached them on her shoulders too.
“Let’s do it together.” Federei and Gopler took out her swords and attached to their shoulders. They charged their weapons on their shoulder with flame and earth auras. Next, they launched cluster flaming balls on the enemies. Lots of burning balls were launched and it broke into piercing fire rock bullets. The enemies were wiped out quickly.
Suddenly, a sound portal appeared in front of them.
“Federei, please report in.” Jagaf told her.
“Yes.” Federei answered her.
“The enemies were eliminated. Please come to us right now.” Jagaf gave an order.
“Hey, we have to move fast. The village chief wants to see us now.” Federei told them.
“Let’s go.” Syrfan told everyone. They quickly rushed to Arton village.
They will receive an unpleasant surprise….


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