Route of Land(Path 75-The Mission’s Briefing Third Message)

Arton village has eight gates, four at the sides and four at the corners. The area is divided by twelve sectors by twelve roads intersected at the center like a clock. There is no building at the center. The chief’s house is located at 3 o’clock area, between the 12 o’clock road and 1 o’clock road.
After 10 minutes, they arrived at the village’s east gate. Jagaf and the knights welcomed them.
“So, the chosen one and his friends, please come to my house. Others guard the village!” Jagaf ordered them. Syrfan and the others followed Jagaf to his house while Federei, Gopler and the knights were patrolling the village.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, the royal captain of the Zyland kingdom and the chosen one for the holy weapon.” Syrfan introduced himself to Jagaf.
“Good. Now, I have something to tell you. First, the temple’s door is sealed by a door which has two cross shaped holes. You need them to unlock the door. Yet, the door will stay open so be careful if we sent you warning signal.” Jagaf told him.
“The threat is not over yet?” Tefler asked him.
“They will come back and assault us. They are the division leaders who blindly loyal to the kingdom so they will try to stop you no matter what. I know that we will be unable to defend them this time. Yet, the holy item must not fall into their hands or they will exploit its power. We’ll talk more inside.” Jagaf answered him and they arrived at his house. Suddenly Federei and Gopler rushed towards them.
“Everyone, the head of royal affairs division wants to see you.” Gopler told them.
“He offered to help us.” Federei told them. They quickly rushed to the north gate.
“Well, the chosen one is there. Show your proof.” Shefan Zekag, the head of royal affairs division and the king’s youngest prince told Syrfan.
“Here it is.” Syrfan shown the compass to him and he convinced that Syrfan is the chosen one.
“Good. From now on, our troops will patrol your village and you all can rest for now. I’m sure that you are expending your stamina and spiritual energy.” Shefan told the knights.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, a royal captain from Zyland.” Syrfan introduced himself.
“Good. Now, you should continue your briefing with the village chief. I’ll guard here.” Shefan started his patrolling job. They went inside Jagaf’s house again.
“Secondly, two explorers explored the temple before and drew this map for us. Take it and use it wisely.” Jagaf handed the map to Syrfan.
“Who are the explorers?” Gopler asked Jagaf.
“They are your real parents. They gave you birth here and left you to your step parents. I’m sure that they hiding the fact from you.” Jagaf answered him with a lower tone.
“Looks like my assumption is correct. My powers are totally different with my friends.” Gopler told him.
“Third, there are demons in the temple. They cannot go inside the holy room, where the holy item is stored. But they will do anything to stop you. Be careful and good luck.” Jagaf went to his room and slept there.
“Well, we’ll sleep at the center. Good night.” Syrfan and the others went to the center and slept there using the sleep and space spells.
They will start the next mission soon, but not before the others have some battle….


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