Route of Land(Path 76-Night Raid)

While Syrfan and the others were sleeping, Gopler and Federei were having chatters with Shefan and his assistant, Ilfey Crifel. The night is full with stars, with the moon was visible in the cloudy skies. Lefrad’s moon is 16 times smaller compared to Lefrad.
“So, why you fight them at the first place?” Shefan asked Gopler.
“I want to show to her that what she doing is wrong, but now she shown to me that I am wrong. I’ll fight with her from now on.” Gopler told him.
“Are you his….” Federei asked Ilfey but Gopler quickly shut his mouth.
“She just speaks nonsense. Ignore her.” Gopler told her.
“It’s OK. We are in a serious relationship now.” Shefan told them.
“The head of heritage division is coming! His aura is 10 times more concentrated than before.” Gopler warned everyone. They quickly rushed to the village’s north-east gate.
“Satanic claws!” Blokal Derrick, the head of heritage division was wreaking havoc there and killed a few royal knights guarding there.
“Stop there, traitor!” Gopler charged his sword lance with saint aura and launched a ring shaped slash wave on him.
“How dare you betray me?” Blokal took out his sword and launched a slash wave too. They both cancelled each other. Gopler rushed towards him and launched a wave slash attack on him. He was pushed back but he was slightly injured. He quickly charged himself with aqua aura and cast submerge on Gopler but was quickly cancelled by his dry spell.
“Looks like he become more powerful now.” Blokal took out his sword, charged it with bolt aura and launched several ground bolt pulses. Gopler jumped and tried to slash him but he quickly launched another bolt pulse on Gopler back. Federei quickly jumped and blocked the pulses. Shefan and Ilfey charged their rods with earth aura and cast earth press on him. A hill shaped rock appeared above him. He quickly dashed backwards and the bolt pulse attack was stopped.
“The third prince is there…I must retreat for now.” Blokal teleported himself away.
“Where are your elder brothers?” Federei asked Shefan.
“They betrayed my father and joined forces with them. I must teach them a lesson.” Shefan answered her.
“Why they want to betray the king?” Gopler asked him.
“Their reasons are quite similar to yours. They want to prove to my father that he is wrong.” Shefan answered him with a lower tone.
“Be careful. There is another enemy around here.” Federei sensed someone nearby.
“There.” Ilfey charged her rod and launched laser strike on the enemy. Then, he showed himself.
“Hey! I’m at your side!” Narpif Xolnad, the royal general of Hafnal yelled at her.
“Isn’t that you are supposed to guard the palace?” Shefan asked him.
“He sealed himself using a magical spell which can be unlocked by himself only.” Narpif answered him.
“Well, let’s have a sleep. They will not attack here until tomorrow.” Shefan told everyone and they had sleep near the north gate.
Tomorrow morning will be another fight….


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