Route of Land(Path 77-The Test Part One)

The next morning, Syrfan woke up and started discharging his internal aura. After he finished, suddenly an explosion occurred at the village outskirts and woke up the others.
“We must investigate this. We must wake them up.” Syrfan told them and they rushed quickly to the north gate.
“This will wake them up.” Tefler charged his boomerang with aqua aura and threw it towards the ground. It spun along the z-axis and became like a sprinkler. Shefan, Ilfey, Federei, Gopler and Narpif woke up by the water from the boomerang.
“There is an explosion at the village outskirts. I suggest that you send some knights first to check. It could be a trap.” Syrfan told them.
“I understand. The temple is located 200 meters south from this village. Please go with Jagaf.” Federei told them.
“He is waiting for you at the temple’s entrance. Please go there quickly. You must get the holy item before anyone else laid hands on it.” Gopler told them. They quickly rushed to the temple.
“Why you teleport him to the temple without informing me?” Federei scolded him.
“He requested that earlier. I had to obey no matter what.” Gopler answered her.
30 seconds later, they arrived at the temple. The temple has six floors, and it is shaped like a pagoda.
“So, you have arrived here. Some knights will guard here soon. Good luck.” Jagaf told them. They walked to the sealed door and inserted the holy crosses into the slots. The door opened and they went inside. Then, the door shut again.
“Go upstairs. We will protect you.” The same mysterious sound appeared again.
“We will complete the mission.” Syrfan answered it. They went towards the treasure room but they were blocked by Orefel Lorcé, a guardian angel guarding the ruin at the third floor.
“Prove to me that you are the chosen one.” Orefel ordered them. Syrfan handed the holy items to her.
“Now, battle with me to show your strength!” Orefel formed a barrier and trapped her and Syrfan. The others were pushed away by the barrier. Then, Orefel started her attack by charging herself with saint aura and cast saint arrow strike on him. Lots of saint arrows were launched towards him. Syrfan blocked them using his sword. Orefel quickly rushed towards him and punched Syrfan’s sword. His sword was shattered but he quickly launched the debris towards Orefel and kicked her body. She was injured and pushed back to the barrier.
“This is impossible.” Orefel charged himself with saint aura and launched several punch waves on Syrfan.
“Etarfyl(god of fists)’s punch strike? Looks like she is serious this time.” Syrfan charged his fists with oracle(upgraded version of yin yang element) and launched Yi(god of oracle)’s punch strike. Both strikes cancelled each other. Syrfan remained calm but Orefel became anxious.
“That is impossible! Aren’t that only the inhabitants of the Heaven and saint realms can use it?” Orefel took out her sword. Unlike ordinary swords, it has lots of fragments. She switched his sword from sword mode into omni mode. The fragments were separated and float in the air but the central blade was still attached to the hilt.
“The psuart sword…I must be careful.” Syrfan charged his sword with bolt aura and launched the central blade in remote control mode. Orefel launched the fragments towards him. Syrfan quickly launched the central blade to defend himself. Orefel quickly rushed towards him but she was thrown towards the blade fragments by Syrfan’s wall spell. She was injured and the barrier was shattered into pieces.
“Great. You are indeed the chosen one. Please proceed to the top.” Orefel restored her sword and healed herself. They proceed upwards.
They will face another test….


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