Route of Land(Path 78-The Test Part Two)

They arrived at the outside of the holy room and they were blocked by Marco Bridt, another guardian angel of the temple.
“So, the guardian below was defeated. Now, fight me before you enter here!” Marco told Syrfan. He charged his sword and prepared for an attack but suddenly a dark portal appeared and Quzant, a hollow which is another minion of demon lord assaulted him.
“Damn…” Marco fainted.
“What is this?” Tefler and Clair were shocked of the attack just now.
“It is a hollow. It has no body and it is a materialized soul.” Fie answered them.
“Take this!” Syrfan charged his sword with bolt aura and launched wave slash attack on him. He was pushed back to the door but he was unharmed. Fie quickly cast bolt astraea on him but he was still sustain zero damage. He quickly charged himself with flame aura and cast burning pyramid on them. A pyramid formed around them and burned them. Tefler and Clair quickly cast ocean rush to protect them but oddly, the water submerged them but not filling the pyramid and it was still burning.
“Cancel the spell.” Syrfan ordered them.
“What?” Tefler wondered why he gave such orders.
“This spell will suffocate us. I know how to deal with this.” Fie explained to him. They agreed and cancelled the spell. Fie quickly cast extinguish spell on the pyramid and the pyramid was shattered.
“She is very smart. I must kill her first.” He charged himself with wind aura and cast octahedral cyclone prison but Fie cancelled them using the freed spell. Cyclones formed on the ground and threw them to the ceiling.
“How he can figure this out?” Fie became anxious. Syrfan cast space on the cyclones and they were disappeared. Tefler quickly took out his boomerang, charged it with frost aura and threw it towards him. He quickly charged himself with fire aura and punched at the boomerang. The ice aura flowed through his “body” and turned into water aura.
“Bolt astraea!” Fie and Clair cast the spell on him. He was electrocuted and vanished.
“Thanks for saving me. Please proceed to the room.” Marco healed himself and rest aside.
“I’ll go inside alone.” Syrfan told the others and went to the room. Then, he was teleported to the realm of saint.
“The third holy item is yours now. Collect the fourth one before you attempt the holy trial.” The same mysterious sound appeared again. Syrfan was teleported back to the room. The bright glow was faded and a box emitting holy aura was floating at the center. Syrfan took it and keep it in the sack.
“This is the Ladrefin(god of storage)’s box. Keep it well.” The mysterious sound told him and it faded. They were teleported to the temple’s entrance. The previously shut door was opened again.
“Your job at here is done. You should go and see the king. He has something to tell you.” Jagaf told them. Suddenly, Orefel and Marco appeared in front of them.
“Our job at here is done. Good luck in your mission.” Orefel told them.
“You are not going anywhere. Our village wants to hire you two as a tourist guide for the temple. I will take care of everything. Will you consider it?” Jagaf asked them.
“Yes.” They answered him.
“Let’s go back to the village. We need to check if there is anyone of the enemies ambushed the village.” Fie told everyone. They quickly went to the village.
They will have an emergency which they cannot avoid….


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