Route of Land(Path 79-Alert)

When they went back to the village, they found out that Federei and Gopler were wandering around the south gate.
“We have a severe problem. I know you have to continue your mission but only you can help us.” Gopler ran towards Syrfan and told him.
“Let’s talk inside.” Syrfan agreed with him and they went to Jagaf’s house.
“The capital now is in danger. A demon claimed to be a minion of demon lord called Balser Uran, a human who sided the demons raided the capital and now 25% of our defensive forces were destroyed. We still need to guard this village so we can only send you there to fight him. Please help us.” Federei told them.
“So, where are Shefan and the others?” Fie asked Gopler.
“They are now patrolling around Zetil village. They cannot go anywhere because of their duty too.” Gopler answered her.
“I’m sure that he wants to lure us out. If they go there he will attack us and we will be doomed.” Clair told everyone.
“Then, let’s fight him!” Tefler shouted at everyone. They were teleported to Mélé, the capital of Hafnal. It has four sectors, separated by four main roads and the castle is located at the center. Balser was attacking the south gate.
“So, you’ve finally arrived here, huh? Prepare for your demise!” Blaser charged himself with evil aura and launched evil meteor on them. They quickly charged themselves with saint aura and cast saint’s cross on him. Both spells cancelled each other and caused an explosion, rendering them blinded. Syrfan and Fie quickly charged their murazrai saint swords and launched wave slash attack on him. He turned into dusts but soon, a dark portal appeared in the sky.
“You think you’ve won? Think again.” He appeared again in the sky. They were shocked that he was still alive.
“The one you’ve killed is just a clone of me.” He taunted them. He charged himself with bolt aura and launched paralyzing strike on Syrfan. Syrfan blocked it using the wall spell. He cast flash on himself and rushed towards Syrfan. Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with flame aura and kicked it towards him. He was burned but the he quickly extinguished the flames.
“This is bad.” He retreated to the sky and sealed himself in a box shaped magical seal.
“The murinzran seal. This is our chance.” Syrfan charged himself with saint aura and cast saint murinzran on him. The magical seal was replaced by the saint element magic circles. Then, Syrfan charged himself with saint and thunder (upgraded version of bolt) aura and cast thunder murinzran strike on him. Lots of thunder struck through the magic circles and he was turned into dusts. Another dark portal appeared in the sky. Clair quickly charged her rod with saint aura and launched a laser beam through it.
“You…bastard….” His original body was destroyed.
“Now we are safe.” Tefler told everyone.
“Good job. The king wants to see you so please come with me.” Dominick Wefion, the division leader (equivalent to the prime minister in Earth) of Hafnal told them.
They will have another errand to run….


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2 Responses to “Route of Land(Path 79-Alert)”

  1. Anwarkazi Says:

    I seriously did think it was a portal to hell. It was for me, at least!

    • chaosfighters Says:

      Well, thanks for your comment, but I’m too bust to upload new chapters here. If you want to see the latest ones, you should check “about the novel” page.
      p/s: That is not portal to realm of hell, but to the realm of Satan. But there are portals to realm of Hell.

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