Route of Land(Path 80-Request)

They went into the king’s chamber in the castle. “The third holy item is now in your hands. We can now focus on our regular jobs now. Take this as your reward.” Vlanad Zekag, the king of Hafnal told them. Syrfan walked to the front and received the Hafnal royal sword from the king himself. “Your highness….” Syrfan shocked with the gift.

“I am giving you this with one condition. I need you to find my lost princess for me.” Vlanad told them.

“So, who is she?” Fie asked Vlanad. “Her name is Plefin Zekag, 23 years old. She has long curly hair, 175 centimeters tall, having body size around like you and always wears silver coated plate boots.” Vlanad answered her.

“Then, how long she was lost?” Tefler asked Vlanad.

“About one month ago. Oddly, she was kidnapped shortly after I announced the “saint guard” royal task force. I wondered if she was kidnapped by the traitors.” Vlanad answered him. “The royal intelligence team informed me just now that she may appear at Ayst, but I believe she may now held captive by the enemies.” Vlanad added.

“Ayst, the dark port town? This is bad.” Clair worried about Plefin’s safety.

“Who might involve in this?” Clair asked him.

“The heritage division is the culprit. In fact, my princes involved in this as well. You won’t need to catch them. Just take them to me and you are done.” Vlanad told them.

“Wait for a while first, your highness. What if we offer ourselves to “kill” them?” Syrfan asked Vlanad.

“I know your strength as the most powerful exploration team ever exists in Yedrei continent, and they will be sentenced to death if they were captured, but is it good to delay your mission? I heard that this is an official mission of Zyland and Oszer.” Vlanad asked them.

“We cannot let your princess in danger. In fact, we suspect that the demon lord is involved in this too.” Clair answered Vlanad.

“They use your princess as bait to lure us out and hand over the holy items. We will stop them no matter what.” Fie added.

“Thank you very much. You will be rewarded after we captured them. I know you will not ‘execute’ them.” Vlanad told them and whispered to one of the guards.

“Your highness….” Syrfan shocked that they were teleported to Ayst, a port town northeast of Mélé, within the territory of Oszer. Its layout is completely the same with Xel, but the docks are labelled in roman numbers (what the…!) instead. The snow was falling, showing that they are now approaching the northern frost area (equivalent to the artic circle in Earth) and they were now in the buffer zone (an area between the northern frost area and the northern temperate zone). They will now start the search for the princess….

Author’s note: Thanks for the ones who read this while I was gone.


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