Route of Land(Path 81-The Search Part One)

They realized that they were standing near the statue of the mayor, Surezreid Boredin. Suddenly, a lancer showed himself.

“Looks like you have taken the third holy item.” Lyank told them.

“Why are you here?” Syrfan shocked of his presence.

“I’m now chasing several criminals from Hafnal. I wondered where they are hiding.” Lyank told him.

“Are they the two princes of Hafnal and the head of heritage division?” Fie asked Lyank.

“Yes. I’m sure that you want to find the princess and send her to Hafnal. Am I correct?” Lyank asked them.

“Looks like we will have to work together now.” Tefler teased Lyank.

“I’m sure that we will have a great time co-operating. Yeah, I forget to introduce someone.” Lyank suddenly yelled at someone. Then, a female assassin went towards them. She was wearing glass fiber suit and trousers, added with leather boots and gloves. Syrfan felt weird that the venom (upgraded version of toxin) aura within her body does not harm her at all.

“Are you his….” Syrfan asked the woman but he was quickly slapped by Lyank.

“She is my real sister, Adferil Eftkin!” Lyank shouted at Syrfan.

“Sorry. Xigas and Astranaf have their ‘partners’ already so I thought that you have one already.” Syrfan told Lyank.

“It’s ok. Lots of people misunderstood our relationships when they see us for the first time.” Adferil told everyone.

“Back to serious business. I heard some rumors that the princess ran away from them and went to Nild, a small village east of us. Is that correct?” Tefler asked Lyank.

“After weeks of searching, I managed to locate their position but they escaped there before I raid the place. Perhaps you are right but I think it is better if we check this town again.” Lyank told them.

“I found out that the Nild village has been oddly crowded since a few days ago. Perhaps they held the princess captive there and hire some guards to prevent her escaping.” Adferil added.

“We’ll go there and blast them into bits!” Syrfan told Lyank.

“We’ll have a search here and inform you if there is anything.” Lyank replied him. They leaved Ayst and went to Nild. They will have another long range battle….


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