Route of Land(Path 83-The Search Part Three)

While they went towards the village, Blokal was resting at his house.
“Let me see how they were guarding the place.” Blokal went outside but he shocked with what he saw.
“The guards are dead. They must be hunting us. I’ll make sure that they will not come out from here alive!” Blokal took out his mace and rushed to the west. Ludrag saw him through the glass on the hall’s door.
“Looks like someone is trying to save you.” Ludrag told Plefin.
“I’m sure that you’ll be sentenced to death by father if they defeat you.” Plefin told Ludrag.
“We’ll wait and see.” Ludrag told Plefin.
Back to Blokal, he rushed to the west and saw Syrfan and the others.
“Are you sure that the head of heritage division was there?” Clair asked Syrfan.
“He will not leave the princess with the two princes so that they will not betray him. I sensed intense and concentrated aura near us.” Syrfan answered Clair. They saw Blokal was running towards them. Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with land aura (upgraded version of rock and downgraded version of earth) and threw it to the front.
“Don’t tell me that you want to sink him under a lake.” Clair warned Tefler.
“No. I want to bury him.” Tefler smiled. The boomerang spun around Blokal and buried him alive. Yet, he saved himself using the cyclone spell. He quickly jumped out from the snow, charged his mace with oracle aura and launched oracle laser on them. Fie deflected the attack by charging herself with oracle aura and casting oracle mirror on themselves.
“Damn…looks like Oszer and Zyland interfered in this incident. The Estau rebel pact tries to persuade the king of Hafnal to join it. I will not allow that!” Blokal charged his club and threw it towards Tefler. Tefler quickly charged his sword and smashed away his club. Blokal quickly charged his fists with sub-zero aura launched a punch wave on Tefler but Syrfan absorbed it using his sword and launched frost laser on Blokal. He was frozen in an octahedral ice crystal.
“The fight is not over yet.” Blokal charged himself with pyro aura and melted the ice crystal.
“You did think about the Estau rebel pact. What is your connection to it?” Clair asked Blokal.
“I am actually a spy sent by the current government of Lestreb to monitor the latest incidents in Hafnal and take the holy item there. My family is now held captive by the current king and I am forced to work for him.” Blokal knelt in front of them and told them.
“I suggest that you go back to Hafnal and tell the whole story to the king. I’m sure that he will forgive you.” Syrfan told Blokal.
“I understand what you mean. I’ll go there and explain everything.” Blokal teleported himself to Hafnal. They quickly rushed to the hall. They will face the strongest enemy in the search ever….


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