Route of Land(Path 82-The Search Part Two)

Thanks to this friend of mine, I continued the updates at here. Perhaps this will help me to make my alternate career. Hopefully I will regain readers.

Nild village is a small village with 10 houses and a hall, scattered in the snow without any walls and gates. The houses were looked like cottages and the hall was made from fire rune rocks, making it warm. The hall looked like a warehouse from the outside. It was a quiet village but now it is crowded with guards, perhaps hired by the traitors. Once they reached a pile of firewood, located 200 meters from the village after one day, they hid there to avoid being discovered.
“What are you doing here? Don’t tell me that you want to launch another long range assault again.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“Absolutely. We cannot just bust it in without strategy. I’ll look around the area. Fie, Clair, I need you to get your snipers ready and shot them. Tefler, get ready and fight the ones who rushed here.” Syrfan told everyone and drew another magic circle. He sat on it and started to charge astro and rock (double downgraded version of earth) aura.
“Sniper asteroid!” Syrfan cast the spell and started to aim the enemies. Fie and Clair took out their sniper guns and started shooting at the traitor’s henchmen.
At the meantime, the princes were guarding the hall to prevent Plefin from escaping.
“The holy item is in the chosen one’s hands. They will not hand them to you. If you let me go, I’ll try to persuade father so that he forgives you.” Plefin was crying, tied on a chair tightly.
“We know about that and you will die with them after we receive the holy items.” Ludrag Zekag, the first prince of Vlanad, taunted her.
“Hey Ludrag, we’ve been assaulted from long range by the fighters from Zyland and Oszer! I’ll fight them at short range. Take care of her for me!” Xedril Zekag, the second prince of Vlanad, yelled at Ludrag and rushed out from the village. The guards fell one by one by the asteroids or the sniper bullets. Xedril rushed towards the pile of firewood but Tefler jumped out from it.
“Want a one-on-one match?” Tefler asked Xedril.
“I’ll kill you!” Xedril charged his sword with pyro (upgraded version of flame) and launched phoenix flame burst on Tefler. A pyro beam was launched towards him. He quickly charged his boomerang with sub-zero (upgraded version of frost) aura and threw it towards the beam. He quickly launched the guns in the boomerang and shot Xedril. Both attacks cancelled each other and Xedril was injured by the shots from the boomerang.
“You…” Xedril charged himself with hydro (upgraded version of aqua) aura and pyro auras and cast explosion rain on Tefler. Tefler quickly defended himself by casting explosion shield on himself. After the spell is over, Xedril rushed towards Tefler and attempted to slash him but he quickly exploded the shield and Xedril was burned.
“Take this!” Tefler charged his boomerang with thunder (upgraded version of bolt) and cast thunder strike astraea on Xedril. He was electrocuted and fainted.
At the meantime, Syrfan, Fie, and Clair finished with their long range assaults and went towards Tefler.
“What should we do with him?” Tefler asked Syrfan while pointing at Xedril. Syrfan teleported him to Mélé’s castle.
“This will please the king.” Syrfan told everyone. They quickly rushed to the village. They will face another battle….


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