Route of Land(Path 84-The Search Part Four)

They smashed the door and saw Plefin was tied on a chair. Suddenly, Ludrag appeared in front of them.
“Hand me the holy items or I’ll kill her!” Ludrag prepared to cast thunder astraea on Plefin. The magic circles were appearing on the floor and slightly above Plefin’s head.
“If you really want them, take them!” Syrfan charged the destiny and fate’s compass with saint aura and threw it towards Ludrag. He took the compass but he was sealed in a murinzran seal and the compass returned to Syrfan. The magic circles were disappeared as well.
“You….” Ludrag was feeling weak.
“The seal drained your stamina and spiritual energy. You cannot attack us.” Syrfan told Ludrag. They quickly released Plefin and teleported her to the castle of Mélé.
“She is safe now…but not you!” Ludrag took out his sword and broke the seal.
“As I expected. Prepare for battle, folks!” Syrfan told everyone.
“You will not leave here alive!” Ludrag charged his sword with thunder and dragon auras and launched thunder dragon strike. A thunder dragon was “launched” from his sword. Syrfan charged his murazrai saint sword with dragon and saint auras and launched Quatafin(god of dragons)’s strike. Quatafin was launched from his sword and both attacks cancelled each other.
“Clone blade!” Ludrag swung his sword upwards and a clone blade seemed to be thrown out from the sword. Then, he launched the clone blade using his sword like a tennis player hitting a ball. Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with metal aura, threw it upwards and bicycle kicked it. The boomerang crushed the clone blade and went towards Ludrag. Ludrag blocked the boomerang with his sword but his sword shattered and hit him. He was wounded heavily but he quickly healed himself.
“Looks like my brother and the head of heritage division were captured. I will defend myself no matter what!” Ludrag yelled at them. He charged himself with satan aura and cast phantom storm on them. Lots of sickles and scythes were launched towards them. They cast saint wall to protect themselves but the walls were crushed quickly and they were blew out of the hall unconsciously.
“Prepare to die!” Blokal charged his sword with earth aura and tried to kill them but suddenly Tefler stood up and held the sword’s blade. He let himself get electrocuted to force the satan aura flow to the icy ground. Syrfan woke up too and cast Basukhih(god of death)’s laser blast ignalial on Blokal. A laser blast contining extremely intense and concentrated satan aura was launched from Blokal’s foot. He was heavily injured and fainted.
“Purify them first. We will deal with him later on.” Syrfan told Tefler. They purified everyone and teleported Blokal to the castle.
“Our job here is done. What should we do next?” Syrfan asked Tefler.
“I don’t know about this. Any suggestions, Clair?” Tefler asked Clair.
“I think we better go to Bluc, located east from here. We should collect information about the war there.” Clair answered Tefler.
“The Estau rebel pact main outpost is located there. If we want to continue our mission, we must join it. We have no other choice.” Fie added.
“Our highest leaders were supporting it so we should follow suit. Let’s go!” Syrfan told everyone and they went to Bluc.
They will see someone they met before….


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