Route of Land(Path 85-The Second Intermission)

One day later, they arrived at Bluc, the city of snows. The houses are located at the east side and other buildings were placed at the west side. They were arranged in coloumns of four. The houses were white in color, and they looked beautiful under the snows. There are no walls and gates too, perhaps to allow development to enlarge the city.
“Are we in the northern frost area now?” Clair asked Syrfan.
“Yes, don’t forget that Durgas is located across the southern buffer zone and the southern frost zone.” Syrfan answered her.
“I don’t know if Estau will want to see us. The war at the borders has been lasting for one month and oddly, the number of soldiers from both forces was fluctuating.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“He will definitely see us. He is now an exiled commoner and of course he will request our help to regain his throne. In fact, don’t forget that the new king is trying to get the holy weapon for his own use. We must stop him no matter what.” Fie told everone.
“Let’s ask the guards. They might know something.” Syrfan told everyone and they went to the west gate of the city.
“I know you. You are the chosen one and his friends. Estau is at the border now so you have to wait. His assistants are waiting at Kofera bar, just over there. Please meet them now.” A guard told Syrfan and pointed at a wooden building exactly just in front of them, at the center. They quickly went there and met them.
“What? I thought it will be someone else. At least we know you quite well. Wait, who are you?” Syrfan shocked that they met Harry, Brytef, and Skatlm and another unknown fighter.
“My name is Etnus Eftkin, the leader of the royal guards in this city. I’m sure that you’ve met my sister and my lost brother. Hopefully their mission at Ayst is successful…or perhaps accomplished by you.” Etnus told to Syrfan with a sarcastic tone.
“Hey Etnus, stop this. They are our special guests. Your stepfather mentioned this earlier. If you make him mad, your wish will turn into dusts.” Harry warned him.
“He is correct. We did complete the mission.” Syrfan told Harry.
“Well, we are now officially request for you to join our rebel pact. I know this is hard for you, but I’m sure that you want to prevent anyone else from getting the fourth holy item, right?” Brytef told Syrfan.
“I know. Larsef Frewad is an evil king. We’ll join your rebel pact.” Syrfan told Brytef.
“Good. For now, I’ll take you to look around the city.” Skatlm told them. They went outside and wandered around the city. They went to the west two columns.
“This column is for the blacksmiths. They are good in making sub-zero based alloys. Tiagras Rephrim lives there too.” Skatlm told them.
“The Tiagras alloy is known to be very resistant to fire, water, steam and ice based attack, but that depends on the shaft setting. Some of them exploit the properties of the alloy to create ice drillers.” Fie told Syrfan. Suddenly, someone went towards them.
“Sorry, but are you from the Estau rebel pact?”
They will met someone they did not expect….


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