Route of Land(Path 86-Border War’s Briefing)

“Yes, we are.” Brytef answered the person and when they looked at them, they were shocked.
“Gopler and Federei? Why are you here?” Syrfan shocked that they were here.
“The king was pleased with your heroic efforts and sends us to join the Estau rebel pact.” Gopler told Syrfan with a cheerful tone.
“Looks like you two are now really joined as one.” Fie laughed when she saw the rings worn on their hands.
“Perhaps the king wants to make sure that there are no regrets before they get killed in the battlefield.” Clair added and laughed too.
“Well, I thought that the prince and his assistant will come.” Tefler teased Gopler and Federei.
“They refused to join because they want to continue their job in the royal affairs division.” Ferderei explained to them.
“Actually the king himself wants to join the Estau rebel pact but due to financial difficulties he cannot join you. When the traitors were sent back to us, Blokal told his story to him and he spared their life. He even sent us to aid you.” Gopler added.
“Let’s go to our ‘real outpost’.” Harry told everyone.
“Where is it?” Tefler asked him.
“It is located 1 kilometer exactly north from here. We build the outpost there to prevent the Lestreb forces from knowing the place.” Brytef answered him.
“What if they scope there and launch long range magic attacks?” Fie asked Skatlm.
“They cannot do that. Our outpost is protected from such spells using dimensional transition techniques.” Skatlm laughed.
“Let’s go!” They went to the outpost. The outpost is a tower, about 250 meters tall, covering 200 meters of radius. It is divided into 25 floors, with the elevator located at the center. Each floor was divided into six sectors. The tower is painted black to prevent reflection of light to the ice, which leads to ice melting.
“Where are we going?” Clair asked Harry.
“We are going to the top floor, the conference center. We will discuss our tactics afterwards. We must capture the border if we want to make our first step.” Harry answered her. They arrived at the top floor. The black glass prevented everyone from looking at the scenery. The lights were emitted from the magic circles on the ceiling. They walked counterclockwise, reached another sector and went inside through a red door.
“Let’s start our briefing. The number of enemies around the border is about 3000-5000 and they are elite fighters. The problem is no matter how much we kill them, their number will not decrease. Any ideas, everyone?” Harry asked everyone.
“Bone aura capture, aura amplification, soul copying and materialization. This is the only answer.” Syrfan answered him.
“Isn’t that the techniques are forbidden?” Fie shocked with the answer.
“If the king modified the legislation, this is different story.” Clair told Fie.
“Then, we must spying them and find the culprit!” Gopler and Tefler stood up and shouted but quickly got punched on their face by Federei and Syrfan respectively.
“We can do that here.” Federei scolded them.
“I’ll do it. My scope spell can reach the realm of space so this is just a piece of cake.” Syrfan told everyone. He started his preparation for a long range spell again.
“Image portal!” Harry cast the spell and a black image appeared on the screen.
“Sniper scope!” Syrfan cast the spell and looked around cemeteries and tombs around Lestreb. A few minutes later, Syrfan sensed something odd.
“Someone is creating soul soldiers. I don’t quite sure of the place. Can someone please put up a world map?” Syrfan told everyone through the sound portal spell. Brytef took out the world map and put it on the table at the front. A black point was formed on the map.
“The royal cemetery of soldiers in Tafim…how dare they disturb their sleep!” Skatlm was angry.
“This never happened during the Oszer-Zyland wars. The growth of fighting knowledge became tools of evil hearted fighters.” Gopler became sad.
“Let’s start the assault! Tefler, take my aero strike sniper gun and fly high in the sky. I’ll give you further orders.” Syrfan called Tefler through the same sound portal. The sniper gun appeared on the ground and Tefler took it. He quickly went outside and flew to the sky.
“I’ll go with you. I’ve been undergoing aerial combat since 5 years ago.” Federei wants to go with Tefler but Fie quickly stop her.
“If you two go together, they will discover your aerial assault and you two will be in danger.” Fie explained to her.
A few minutes later,
“Syrfan, I’m now in the sky, orders please.” Tefler reported to Syrfan through the sound portal.
“Go to the cemetery and scope for susceptible person. Shoot when I confirmed the targets.” Syrfan gave the order. The next long range battle starts….


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