Route of Land(Path 87-Long Range Battle 2)

A few minutes later, Tefler arrived at the cemetery and started scoping around the area.
“There is a magician creating soul soldiers.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“Shoot him and the soul soldiers!” Syrfan confirmed the target and ordered him. He shot them and stopped the process.
“Retreat to the tower. Do not teleport or you might get discovered.” Syrfan gave another order to Tefler. Tefler flew back to the tower and went back to the conference room. Syrfan cancelled the spells and cleared the magic circle.
“Good job. There are no new soldiers at the borders.” Estau suddenly appeared through an image portal.
“Our soldiers were now invaded the border and guarding the place. We will start invading Lestreb soon. Please come to us.” Estau added and teleported them to Fust, a fortress located at the Oszer-Lestreb borders.
“The enemy troops are retreating. We must invade as much as possible before they showing up again.” Estau told everyone when they appeared at the top floor of the fort.
“Just send the troops at the front line and we will take care of the rest. I suggest that we split into three groups. We can invade it through sectors.” Syrfan told everyone.
“The northern and southern areas of Lestreb are already invaded. The central area was still under Lestreb’s control so we must invade them ourselves. The other forces were unable to penetrate the defensive forces there.” Estau explained to them.
“I fear that they will concentrate their forces at Itrigq ruins. It is rumored that the final holy item is located there. Theoretically, they will blow up the entrance and enter by force.” Tefler expressed his concern.
“Sir, the enemy forces are concentrated at the Itrigq ruins. Our soldiers invaded the areas west of the ruins. They are safe now.” Tylane suddenly reported to Estau through a sound portal.
“Sir, there are enemies in front of us!” A soldier shouted at them. The quickly looked at the east and saw soldiers were running towards the fort.
“Let’s start our first battle!” Everyone took out their dual cannons, attached them to their shoulders and attacked the enemies. They were quickly eliminated.
“This is bad. They did this just to test our powers.” Harry became worried.
“We just used up 10% of our abilities. They will soon get into trouble.” Gopler told everyone.
“Stop boasting us. The enemies can analyze everything from what we did just now.” Syrfan warned Gopler.
“The new king knows everything. He is a powerful leader. We must be careful onwards.” Brytef told everyone.
“What if we invade the Itrigq ruins ourselves? It is time for them to pay for what they did to us.” Tefler asked everyone.
“Let’s go!” Estau agreed and they quickly went to the east.
“Where are we going?” Clair asked Estau.
“We are going to Tlig. We’ll check the village if there is any remaining soldiers guarding there.” Estau answered her.
“We must be careful. The demons might ambush us anytime.” Fie reminded everyone.
Their worries will come true….


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