Route of Land(Path 89-Predicted Ambush Second Half)

Tefler charged his boomerang with oracle aura and threw it towards him. He kicked the boomerang but it did not thrown back to Tefler. It dropped instead and he was injured. Gopler quickly charged his sword lance and launched disc wave on him. A circular wave, which the waves fill up the whole circle instead of the usual circular ring slash waves, was launched towards him.
“Fools.” He blocked the disc using his hand. Lydie quickly charged Tefler’s boomerang with astro and star aura and neutrons. Then, she threw it towards him and cast neutron star on the boomerang. It turned into a neutron star an hit him. He was heavily injured.
“This is bad…how they know such a powerful physical spell attack?” He started became anxious. Syrfan sensed his aura and found out that he is non-elemental. Etnus quickly charged himself with sub-zero aura and cast sub-zero crystal on Kyonafil. He was frozen in the octahedral crystal but he was quickly crushed it and launched the debris to everyone. Syrfan quickly cast transpose on everyone. The ice pierced through Kyonafil’s body and damaged him a lot.
“They think that they can kill me that way but they made the biggest mistake ever!” He healed himself, took out his backpack and carried on his back. Two guns were moved out to his hands, connected by some sort of external shafts with a joint which allows free movement at the center. Unlike normal guns, the handle is cylindrical and the trigger is shaped like a button. At least the handle is directing downwards.
“The gun arm backpack…this is bad. I must destroy it.” Syrfan became worried. He combined directly the murazrai saint sword and his stainless steel sword into the steel maestro’s saint sword. Then he inserted one steel shaft on each of the side blades, and the sword turned into the steel meister’s saint sword. He quickly charged it with thunder aura and launched several thunder strikes on Kyonafil. He quickly retaliated by charging his guns with thunder aura and shot thunder impulse (a thunder shot which looks like electrical laser beam). Suddenly his backpack was destroyed.
“Looks like the trick works.” Tefler charged his boomerang with acid aura and bicycle kicked it towards the backpack a short while ago. Kyonafil became angry. He charged himself with pyro and wind auras. Then, he supn himself rapidly and formed a pyro tornado. Etnus quickly cast extinguish to remove the flames. Gopler charged his sword lance with metal aura, rushed towards him and cross slashed him. He was turned into dusts.
“What a tough fight. Let’s have some rest.” Syrfan called everyone.
“Are you all right?” Etnus asked Lydie.
“Yeah, I’m all right.” Lydie answered Etnus.
“Who are you actually? Why you can use my boomerang like that?” Tefler walked towards her and asked her.
“My name is Lydie Tsignarafin, a fallen angel from the realm of hell. Your boomerang supports spells so well that I decided to use it that way. You should thank the weaponsmith who create the weapon for you.” She answered Tefler.
“I’ll analyze the boomerang for you afterwards.” Syrfan told Tefler. They went to the house and had some rest there. They will face another enemy…


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