Route of Land(Path 88-Predicted Ambush First Half)

One day later, they arrived at Tlig. The village has no walls and gates, only 27 houses arranged in rows of three in three columns. The houses were brown in color, with no snow on the zinc plate roofs, perhaps due to a special spell cast on the roofs. There are no one and no footprints around the area, showing that they rarely went outside of the house.
“Let’s have some rest at my house. We are too tired to go to the next village.” Harry invited everyone.
“I’ll have patrols around here. I’m sensing satan aura somewhere.” Syrfan wandered around the village.
“Hey, wait for me!” Etnus, Tefler and Gopler chased him. They met up and started their chatters.
“How you get your aura sensing abilities?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“It must be a mutation. There is a genetic disease, which ironically gives zero negative effects called the Destragig disease. I can’t believe that I will see a patient.” Etnus told Syrfan with an extremely sarcastic tone.
“Looks like I’m now patrolling with a doctor then.” Syrfan told him using the exact same tone he used just now.
“What is your default weapon?” Tefler asked Etnus.
“This.” Etnus took out his docabirion, a long mining axe with two metal arrows welded on the side, added with a 10 centimeter tail lance tip near his holding position.
“Actually this is not the correct holding position. I must hold it at the center or I might get injured.” Etnus added. Suddenly, a dark portal appeared on the sky. They quickly charged their weapons with saint aura and launched saint laser on the portal. Yet, it does not disappear. A dark angel went out from the dark portal, unharmed by the saint laser which they were still launching on her, which covered her completely.
“Fools! I’m at your side!” She shouted at them. They stopped their attack and let her flew down towards them.
“Hey Lydie, can you stop teleporting yourself like that?” Etnus scolded her.
“I’m so sorry, my dear.” Lydie apologized to Etnus with a cute tone.
“No wonder she is at our side.” Syrfan laughed them sarcastically. Gopler quickly punched his stomach.
“We are in a patrol, you fool!” Gopler scolded him.
“Wait…there is another demon around here.” Syrfan sensed satan aura in the sky. The sky turned dark and a purple colored portal appeared directly above them. They launched the same attack again on the portal.
“How they know I’ll ambush them?” Kyonafil, a human shaped demon, which is another minion of demon lord, mumbled to himself. He quickly teleported himself towards them.
“Looks like you are prepared for this.” He taunted them.
“You won’t leave here alive!” Gopler charged his sword lance with saint aura and launched a circular plate slash wave on him. He blocked it with his left hand and he was unharmed.
“You think saint elements work on all living things in the realm of satan? Don’t make me laugh!” He charged himself with pyro and hydro auras and cast steam fog. Steam fog appeared anywhere and blocked their visions. Gopler and Tefler quickly jumped away from it. Kyonafil flew out from there and kicked them away.
“Damn…he is strong….” They were thrown 200 meters away. Syrfan and Etnus jumped out from the fog and slashed him using his weapons. He was wounded but only after he punched them exactly just below their necks. They were pushed away.
“Looks like he ignored me…this is my chance.” Lydie absorbed the steam in the fog and launched several steam balls on him. He was hit and injured.
“Looks like I ignored the bitch down there.” The fog was disappeared and he saw Lydie on the ground. He quickly charged himself with thunder, hydro and wind auras and cast thunderstorm rain on Lydie.
“Bright sky!” Syrfan charged himself with sun and sky auras and cast the spell. The thunderstorm rain was stopped. Etnus charged his docabirion with earth and metal auras and threw it towards him. He strafted to the left and avoided it. Yet, a deep wound formed on his right hand but he quickly healed himself.
They will continue fighting this formidable enemy….


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