Route of Land(Path 90-Unexpected Ally)

After they went into the house, they lied against the wall near the door.
“They must be exhausted. I know how to deal with them.” Estau whispered to Tylane. Tylane went to the kitchen and made some tea for the exhausted fighters.
“They won’t drink this kind of drink. I’ll force them to consume it.” Brytef teleported the tea into their stomach. They woke up quickly.
“What do you think you are doing?” Syrfan scolded Brytef.
“We have to go to Fort Holiump. Some of our soldiers reported that someone was scouting around them for two consecutive days. We must check if there is any raid on it. About the drink, it is the tea which provides full recovery. Let’s go.” Brytef answered Syrfan. They quickly rushed towards there using dash, sprint, flash and restless spells with the mach boots and arrived there after 30 minutes. The fort looks like a tower. It has three floors, with a
“I’m sensing some sky aura. Let me see….” Syrfan cast sniper sight on himself and looked at the sky.
“What is it?” Fie asked him.
“An aeronaut, but riding on a flying rod.” Syrfan answered Fie.
“I’ll go and check there.” Clair flew towards the aeronaut. At the meantime,
“Hey, are the leaders of the rebel pact are all there?” A mysterious sound appeared on the sound portal.
“Yes, they are safe and sound. I’ll start the mission now.” The aeronaut replied to the sound and flew towards them but quickly stopped by Clair.
“Who are you? What is your intention?” Clair shouted.
“My name is Desirien Etnaf, a soldier under the northern siege project from Joques. I’m now ordered from the headquarters to check if there is any ambush on your team.” Desirien answered her.
“Follow us and we’ll confirm about this.” Clair dragged Desirien to the ground.
“Are you from the northern siege project?” Skatlm asked Desirien.
“Yes.” Desirien answered him.
“Well, isn’t that your comrades were raging war now in the southern areas? Why they send you here?” Harry asked Desirien.
“They are in a war now but they sent me to make sure that there are no other forces gather around here. I checked Qarci town and they are free of the enemy soldiers. I’ll escort…” Desirien told everyone but suddenly Etnus interrupted her.
“I think it should be we escorting you, I suppose?” Etnus bad mouthed her but he was quickly slapped by Harry.
“What if someone else said this to you?” Harry scolded Etnus.
“Hmph.” Etnus remained silent.
“Let’s go. I can’t hold the responsibility if we arrived later than two days from now.” Desirien told everyone.
“Why? Is there anything to do there?” Syrfan asked her.
“My leader wants to see you all for a strategy discussion. We are lucky now because the Itrigq ruin is still protected even it was blown several times. Some soldiers went inside and attempted to take the holy item but they were all injured and retreated from it. We need a plan if we want to eliminate the enemies there.” Desirien told everyone with a serious tone.
“They knew the long range assaulting ability so we must use another method. Am I right?” Gopler asked her.
“Yes. Looks like the knights of Hafnal are quite smart.” Desirien praised Gopler. They moved towards Qarci. Their next plan will be not as smooth as before….


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