Route of Land(Path 91-Planning)

Two days later, they arrived at Qarci town. The town has no walls, only spiky gates and doors, painted in black color. The houses are scattered everywhere, having horns rising up at the end, and the houses are elevated from the ground using rock pillars. The stairs are there to allow them to move in and out from the house. The houses were all brown in color. There are no shops, but the stalls are everywhere. Perhaps they get to used with the cold days and become invulnerable to cold.
“The meeting place is over there.” Desirien called everyone while pointing at a house located exactly 2 o’clock from the west entrance. They went inside and had some rest while waiting for the meeting to start.
“Sorry for waiting. Let’s start our planning.” Trezak Vadil, the Joques side leader of the northern siege project and Vodran Placef, the Plidin side leader of the northern siege project, told everyone.
“I assume that 40% of the forces of the Lestreb’s forces are now located near the Itrigq ruins. If we launch long range attack from here, they will retaliate immediately. So, what is your suggestion?” Syrfan asked everyone.
“I suggest that we split into three groups. The first group will make an air assault, the second group will rush towards the ruin and surprise them with an ambush, and the third group will attack launch long range attacks from here. What do you think?” Trezak took out the map of Lestreb and told everyone.
“If we want to use this stratergy, we must have the flying team arrived there at first and the ambushing team arrived there slightly later on. The staying team will aid in long range communication and supportive spells. Is this good?” Harry asked everyone.
“The problem is what if the Lestreb forces have airborne infantries? In fact, I wondered if the soul soldiers are not used up. The production of the soul soldiers from the cemetery should be stopped, but they must have stored some soul soldiers as reserves and mass produce them again.” Gopler argued with Harry.
“If this is it, I think it will be a surprise attack on them from here first, and then an air assault from here. Next, the flying team and the ambushing team rushing towards them and blew them. We must prevent them from having chances to counterattack.” Clair told everyone.
“You are right. But how should we assign the forces?” Tefler asked everyone.
“Let me see…I have a great idea.” Estau came up with a suggestion.
“So, how we are assigned?” Tefler asked Estau.
“Harry, Brytef, Skatlm, and Tylane, you go ambush them. Etnus, Lydie, Gopler, and Federei, you flew towards them. Syrfan, Fie, Tefler, and Clair, you aid them from here.” Estau called everyone.
“Desirien, you protect us until they are done.” Estau added.
“Yes, sir!” Desirien answered Estau.
“We’ll start the operation now.” Vodran ordered everyone and they were ready in their positions. The operation will start soon….


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