Route of Land(Path 92-Operation)

Syrfan drew a magic circle and sat on it. Fie, Tefler and Clair put their land cannons on the ground and started aiming at Itrigq ruins.
“Get ready with your spells and equipment. We will start the operation soon.” Estau called everyone. A few minutes later, they were ready for Estau’s orders.
“Go!” Estau shouted at everyone. They started the operation. The flying team launched lots of laser blasts and ground missiles. The land cannons were launched too.
“Sniper scope!” Syrfan cast the spell and looked at the troops near the Itrigq ruins. He saw lots of troops were rushing at a direction towards them.
“Be careful! The soldiers were charging towards us! Attack them at once!” Syrfan called everyone. His mind was read by Estau, Trezak and Vodran.
“Looks like the gods have chosen the right people to have the holy weapon.” Estau talked to Trezak.
“His name as the warrior from Zyland spread to the entire Yedrei Continent.” Trezak laughed.
“But his partners are quite famous too, don’t forget the princess of Oszer, the leader of the Oszer union and the royal astrologist of Zyland. They are all warriors from the south.” Vodran added. At the meantime,
“Disc terror!” Gopler launched lots of disc waves towards the flying soldiers. The sky is now in the chaos of raging war. The flying team was surrounded by the soldiers.
“Take this!” Federei threw lots of nitroglycerin bottles and launched lots of air balls on them. The bottles exploded and killed the soldiers.
“Let’s rush there. The land team will soon arrive at the ruins earlier than us.” Etnus called everyone and they quickly flew to Itrigq ruins. At the ground,
“Sub-zero crystal terror!” Skatlm cast the spell and launched lots of sub-zero crystals to the front.
“Phoenix burst!” Harry charged his sword with pyro aura and threw it to the front. A phoenix was formed and struck through the soldiers.
“We must move faster, the flying team might get there already!” Brytef called everyone. Meanwhile, at the Itrigq ruins,
“Launch the homing missiles!” A captain called the troops. The missiles were launched towards the flying team but they were quickly destroyed. Suddenly another team appeared attacked them.
“Light blaze!” Tylane charged her sword with photons and launched the attack on the soldiers.
“Thunder chaos!” Lydie charged herself with thunder aura and cast the spell on the troops hiding near the ruins.
“Retreat!” The captain called the surviving soldiers and teleported themselves back to Tafim, the capital of Lestreb. They quickly rushed to the entrance of the ruin and reported to Syrfan through the sound portal spell.
“The place is now secure! We’ll now teleport you here.” Gopler told Syrfan.
“Good.” Syrfan answered Gopler. They were teleported to the Itrigq ruin.
“Let’s have some rest first. We need be fully energized to fight the guardians in the ruin.” Syrfan told everyone and started discharging his internal aura. They will enter the ruins soon….


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