Route of Land(Path 93-The Entry)

While Syrfan was discharging his internal aura, they started arguing with each other.
“Well, he is right. There are guardians in the ruin and we used up some physical and spiritual energy. We must have some rest now.” Tylane told everyone.
“There are rumors claim that the guardian guarding the ruin is a student of the holy weapon’s creator. We must be in our best condition if we want to fight him.” Tefler told everyone.
“Wait a minute. There are rumors said that the student is a woman.” Lydie told Tefler.
“Enough of this useless argument!” Harry shouted at them.
“It is useless to quarrel about it. Only Syrfan is allowed to enter the ruin. Look at the hole there.” Tylane pointed to the door at the ruin. There is a square shaped hole on it.
“How should we open this door?” Federei felt strange of the hole.
“I know how to do that.” Syrfan finished his rest and told everyone. He put the light sphere into the Larcuphrim’s box. Then, a circular hole appeared on the top of the box. He put the destiny and fate’s compass in the hole. Suddenly the holy items were glowing and moved to the door. Syrfan quickly rushed there and pushed them into the hole. The door was opened and Syrfan went inside. Then, the door was quickly shut again. Oddly, the holy items were disappeared.
“What?” The holy items suddenly appeared in front of Syrfan. Syrfan took them and put them into his dimensional storage. Syrfan walked down the stairs and saw the only basement floor in the ruin. Syrfan cast sunlight on himself and shocked when he found out that the ruin is actually the abandoned royal arena. The arena is surrounded with the seats for the audience and the fighting area is as large as a football field in Earth.
“So this is the royal arena of Lestreb.” Syrfan amazed with the huge size of the arena. Suddenly, a saint appeared from above.
“My name is Zadrag Xeglin, a saint from the realm of saint. Defeat me if you want the final holy item.” Zadrag told Syrfan.
“I will defeat you.” Syrfan took out his platinum sword and stood in an attacking stance. Zadrag took out his refunalon, a double headed lance with arrow like tips, added with two arrows attached 45 degrees and 10 centimeters from it at both ends, and landed on the ground, standing on an attacking stance too. The fight starts soon….


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