Route of Land(Path 94-The Assesment)

Syrfan charged his sword with moon and rock auras and stabbed it on the ground. Moon rocks were launched from the ground and hit Zadrag. Yet, he was uninjured.
“I thought that you are strong but looks like I overestimate you.” Zadrag charged himself with saint and thunder auras and cast thunder god’s blaze on Syrfan. Lots of saint thunders were launched directly above Syrfan on him. He reflected the spell by blocking the thunders using his sword. The reflected thunders were directed towards Zadrag and hit him.
“No wonder you are one of the chosen ones. This is the first time my spells were countered.” Zadrag charged his refunalon with pyro aura and launched fire hell on Syrfan. A fire blaze was launched on Syrfan.
“Hell?” Syrfan charged himself with hydro aura and cast sink (upgraded version of submerge) on himself. The flames were extinguished and the water surrounding Syrfan was turned into steam. Syrfan cancelled the spell. Syrfan absorbed the steam around him in his sword.
“This is crazy! What if the shafts were corrupted with the steam auras?” Zadrag rushed towards Syrfan and attempted to stab him. Syrfan blocked it using his sword and released the steam stored in it. Zadrag was blinded and injured when Syrfan launched wave slash attack on him. He was pushed back a few meters.
“How can he do that? He should be blinded by the steam as well.” Zadrag became anxious.
“The refunalon…if that double headed lance really hit me, my armor will be destroyed.” Syrfan shocked with the attack just now. He quickly charged his sword and launched a slash wave upwards. Zadrag quickly rushed towards Syrfan and attempted to attack him again, but this time Syrfan dash backwards and the slash wave hit him.
“He can trick me like this…I must control the anxiety.” Zadrag tried to calm himself. He charged his refunalon with thunder aura and launched three thunder strikes on Syrfan. He strafed to the right but he was quickly hit by the earth ignalial spell cast by Zadrag just now.
“He used his ability just now…it’s time for me to use my ability too….” Syrfan healed himself. He charged his sword with positrons and photons. Then, he launched positron laser on Zadrag but he quickly strafed to his right to avoid it. Yet, he was hit by the laser when Syrfan moved his sword to his left.
“He was hiding his abilities all along?” Zadrag shocked with his abilities.
“This is great. This is the first time I’m using a sword like a laser gun.” Syrfan smiled excitedly. Zadrag quickly charged himself with astro aura and cast universe chaos on Syrfan. Syrfan was sealed in a space vortex and it exploded. Syrfan absorbed the explosion as pyro aura. Then, he charged himself with sun aura and cast sun’s core on Zadrag. Zadrag was sealed in the sun’s core formed around him. He was burned and fainted. Syrfan quickly cancelled the spell and healed him.
“Why you do this to me?” Zadrag asked Syrfan.
“I’m a fighter, not a killer.” Syrfan answered him. Suddenly, Syrfan was teleported to the realm of saint again.
“Your fighting virtue was great. Looks like you did not disappoint us.” The mysterious voice appeared again.
“So, am I allowed to attempt the holy trial?” Syrfan asked it.
“You have to pass a test, which is a part of the holy trial before you attempt it somewhere here.” The mysterious voice answered him.
“I understand.” Syrfan was teleported to the entrance outside of the ruins and received the Yarnil (god of building)’s pyramid.
“So, where are we going now?” Syrfan asked everyone.
“Let’s go to Ean. The town is one of our intelligence centers in Lestreb.” Harry answered him.
“Don’t lie to me or we are doomed!” Syrfan warned Harry. Everyone laughed. They went there. This will be another rest….


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