Route of Land(Path 95-Unity)

After one day, they arrived at Ean. The Ean town is a huge town. It supposed to be like a city but due to insufficient population it is classified as a town. Unlike most town and cities, the walls form an octahedron. There are eight gates, all at the vertices of the polygon formed by the walls. The town was divided in 8 sectors, like Arton town in Hafnal. The walls were quite thick, about 50 centimeters compared to ordinary ones of 30 centimeters. The houses were green in color and made from concrete. Their roofs are looked like stacking concrete plates, layer by layer.
“Harry, Brytef and Skatlm…we meet again.” Varif Arnatlin, the mayor of Ean, was waiting for them at the west gate.
“Yeah. We haven’t seen you again since Estau was exiled. So, how was the town when we were gone?” Harry asked Varif.
“There are no changes ever since…I think that the new king is now too focused on getting the holy weapons.” Varif answered him.
“Did you get any rumors about the happenings at other places?” Brytef asked Varif.
“At Jystr, the outpost for your rebel pact was destroyed by the military forces. Most of the forces assigned there were eliminated. The remaining forces are now taking shelter here while waiting for new recruits. Guronof Hespib is now at Cydlon planning for getting new recruits I wondered if he is now hiding here because the meeting for the plan is supposed to be ended by now.” Varif answered Brytef.
“He is indeed hiding here, with the ones who supposed to be resting at Qarci village.” Syrfan told everyone after sensed some oddly emitted aura.
“What are we waiting for? Let’s go and find them!” Tefler shouted and pushed Syrfan.
“Embarrassing.” Fie and Clair sighed. Syrfan quickly rushed to find Estau. The others followed him.
“What are you doing here, Estau? Don’t you want to reclaim the throne?” Syrfan became angry when he found out that Estau was dating with Tylane.
“I received reports that the forces around the Wilm ruins retreated to Tafim. So, for now we can do nothing but wait for the new king’s next move. If we make an assault now, we will lose. In fact, you’ve been in fighting mood for a few days so you should relax a bit.” Estau told Syrfan.
“So, where are the others?” Gopler asked Estau.
“The ones from the northern siege project returned to the south.” Estau answered him.
“Well…where is Guronof Hespib?” Fie asked Estau.
“What? You want to see him? Or should I say Syrfan wants to let his master see his future wife? He is now in an emergency meeting at the mayor’s house with some of my direct subordinates so you have to wait.” Estau told her. She wanted to punch Estau but Syrfan quickly stopped her.
“Please be calm. He is just joking.” Syrfan calmed her.
“Well, you don’t have that kind of intention, right?” Fie asked Syrfan with a warning tone.
“Well, I promised to take you to see him one day. He considered me as his step son so I have to keep it.” Syrfan became nervous.
“I’ll forgive you.” Fie kissed Syrfan’s cheek. Then, Guronof appeared in front of them.
“Quite a team. Looks like the forces of Zyland, Oszer, Hafnal and Lestreb are now uniting as one.” Guronof praised them. Syrfan and Tefler shocked by his appearance.
“It should be all countries in the Yedrei continent uniting as one. Don’t forget us!” Desirien and his boyfriend, Quantaf Janal, a blazer (fighter who master area attacks) from Plidin suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
“So, what is our next move?” Quantaf asked Estau.
“We’ll have some discussions later on. It is better that we talk about this somewhere more silent. Let’s go to the mayor’s house.” Estau called everyone. They followed him. The real strategic discussion will start soon….


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