Route of Land(Path 96-Second Planning)

After they went inside Varif’s house, they sat around the living room.
“All right. Let’s start our grand plan.” Estau started the discussion.
“I received reports from spies from Tafim that there are some elite troops guarding Wilm ruins while the remaining military force is now concentrated in Tafim. If we launch long range assault from here, there will be risks of being discovered. Even if we splitting forces and assault separately, we might have the risk of getting caught. So, what should we do?” Guronof asked everyone.
“We’ll split from you. We’ll handle the elite forces alone.” Syrfan told everyone.
“Wait. They put up elite forces there because they know that we will take such measures. We need to request help from the military forces.” Gopler argued with Syrfan. Suddenly, a sound portal appeared.
“Looks like you need some extra help. Our archer team will wipe them out.” Juan told Syrfan.
“Thanks a lot. We can travel safely. But for now, it is unnecessary.” Syrfan replied him.
“Why?” Juan shocked with his statement.
“As a precaution step, I will go through Cydlon city and Jystr port town to get some news and equipment. I must prevent direct traveling or we will be discovered.” Syrfan answered Juan. Then another sound portal appeared.
“I will eliminate the elite troops for you. We are always ready to help you no matter what.” Lyank told Syrfan.
“Wait until I attempt to reach Wilm from the east. I must not let them realizing this.” Syrfan answered him. They closed their communication.
“So, this plan can work. Should we call someone to aid us when we assault them?” Tefler asked everyone.
“We can request Joques and Plidin military forces to aid us.” Harry answered Tefler.
“Our leaders cannot support you in terms of armed forces. The border wars killed 75% of our soldiers so we are unable to aid you. Yet, they are ready to aid us with weapons.” Desirien told Tefler.
“Weapons…we cannot use missiles to destroy the capital….” Tylane was thinking about something.
“I think that we can use the soul eraser laser. We can kill the enemies while protecting the surroundings.” Lydie told everyone.
“Isn’t that the soul eraser weapons are one of the 24 Z-graded forbidden weapon types?” Clair asked Lydie.
“We don’t have other choices. We have to use it even if we are under risk of getting our license banned.” Brytef told everyone.
“No. I have an alternative. We will fly to Tafim and use sniper bazookas.” Fie told everyone.
“Where we are getting such a rare weapon?” Skatlm asked Fie.
“I did bring 20 of them. They are widely used by fishermen to fight pirates. Looks like they are finally in use now.” Federei told everyone.
“Then, it’s decided. Syrfan, who will you take along?” Guronof asked Syrfan.
“As usual, Fie, Tefler and Clair.” Syrfan answered Guronof.
“To prevent the Lestreb forces from retaliating, we will start the operation one week from now. At the meantime, Syrfan, you should move to Cydlon now to make them think that you go rouge attacking the Elite troops.” Guronof told Syrfan.
“Thanks for your advice, master.” Syrfan told Guronof.
“Let’s go, folks!” Syrfan called Fie, Tefler and Clair. They left the town and went towards Cydlon. Their mission continues….


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