Route of Land(Path 97-Aid From An Enemy)

One day later, they arrived at Cydlon. The Cydlon city is as large as Ean town, but there are no walls, only gates and 4 doors. The city is unique because the gates and doors form a circle. The city is divided into 4 sectors by four main roads, perpendicular to each other. The houses of the city are roofless as the top of buildings are flat.
“Why we must take a roundabout route while we can just simply go to Pezis village and reach Wilm ruins faster?” Tefler asked Syrfan.
“If we do this, the Lestreb forces will know our intentions.” Syrfan answered Tefler.
“In fact, Pezis village is now under the elite forces control now so we have to take a roundabout way.” Fie added.
“Then, what should we do here?” Clair asked Syrfan.
“Check for the latest news and see if there is any equipment useful to us.” Syrfan answered Clair.
“I doubt there are any information can be obtained here.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“I know your union operates in Oszer only but your skills can be used anywhere, right?” Syrfan teased Tefler.
“Tell me when you are done here.” Tefler wandered around the city at his own.
“Now, it is time for some shopping. Let’s see…there is an armory over there.” Syrfan saw a shop in front of him. The signboard shown as “Hazran armory”. They went inside and shocked that they met Arwol Hazran.
“I thought you flee to Phlaq continent after you finished this. Looks like the Zard incident affects you a lot. I thought you are still actively fighting.” Syrfan told Arwol.
“I know that lord Wirt learned his lesson. But I’m not retiring from fighting completely. I’m now acting as the ‘middle man’ for the Estau rebel pact for paying my sins. I know you are officially a member of the Estau rebel pact. So, what you want to know?” Arwol asked Syrfan.
“Is there any armors for us?” Syrfan asked him.
“I know what you need. Take this aluti armor. It is made from 90% aluminum and 10% titanium. I have only one left so please forgive me. For your partners, take these Katnafin robes. They are resistant to magic and physical attacks. I reserved them for you after knowing you are going against them.” Arwol took out his best armors in the shop to them.
“One more, please. A friend of mine is now collecting rumors out there.” Syrfan made a request.
“I know what he need. Take the Donarfyl suit. It is made from the special organometallic polymer which is 2000 times more durable than Kevlar and provides decent magical defense. It is made by one of the legendary blacksmiths, Donarfyl Lyman, Ozaryl Lyman’s elder brother.” Arwol took out a suit to Syrfan.
“If you are going to Jystr town, you better be careful. The town is now in chaos since the attack on the outpost. The soldiers retreated away from the town but I fear that they will come again.” Arwol told Syrfan.
“So, if you want to buy weapons, go to the weapon shop at your right named ‘Adril weapons shop and mention my name. He will give you discount.” Arwol added.
“No thanks. We will receive weapons from the legendary blacksmiths soon.” Syrfan and the others left the shop. 15 minutes later, Tefler meet up with Syrfan.
“I have some bad news for you.” Tefler told Syrfan.
“What?” Syrfan shocked.
“The number of elite forces in Wilm ruins is now tripled. Looks like we are discovered.” Tefler warned Syrfan.
“Perhaps they noticed that Juan’s group is approaching the Wilm ruins. We must be careful or your speculation will come true.” Syrfan told Tefler.
“Let’s go. We must approach there before the other launch the aerial assault.” Syrfan told everyone. They left the city and went to Jystr. They will not have any rest there….


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