Route of Land(Path 98-An Old Enemy)

One day later, they arrived at Jystr town. The town has three walls because the east is the sea. The walls were made from stainless steel, unlike other places which are made from concrete. The doors are wooden, though. The wood doors are emitting metal aura, suggesting that it is specially treated to increase durability. The houses are made from concrete strengthened with bronze alloy, perhaps to prevent the pirates from destroying the buildings easily.
“Looks like there are no one here…what happened?” Syrfan felt weird when he saw the town was empty.
“Since the outpost was destroyed, the citizens were afraid to go out anymore. In fact, there is a demon wandered around here since days ago. I hope that you’ll kill the demon for us. It killed several guards since yesterday.” A guard was telling Syrfan.
“Looks like we meet again, the chosen one.” Uryh appeared again in front of them.
“You will not survive this time.” Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and electrons. Then, he launched electron wave impulse on him. A spherical electron wave was launched and spread towards him. He teleported himself to the docks.
“Coward!” Syrfan cast copy spell on everyone and teleported themselves to the docks too.
“Looks like you are able to chase me. But here will be your grave!” Uryh took out his sword and charged it with venom, land and hydro auras.
“Fly!” Syrfan ordered everyone. They quickly flew to the sky and shocked when the ground turned into poisonous swamp after Uryh stabbed the sword on the ground.
“You’ll regret this!” Fie took out his sword and charged it with sub-zero and wind auras. Then, she launched the blades to the poisonous swamp. A very cold breeze was blown towards the swamp and it turned into ice. Fie quickly launched the blades back to the hilt.
“Hmph.” Uryh broke the ice into bits and launched them towards Syrfan and the others. Clair protected them using the wall spell. Uryh quickly flew towards them and punched the wall. Syrfan quickly launched the debris towards him but he avoided them by using the clone image again. Just before the real body moved to the right, Tefler saw his movements and used the neutron star attack again. It hit him and he was turned into dusts.
“Great. This time he is finished.” Tefler smiled excitedly. But suddenly a dark portal appeared in the sky and Uryh came out from it.
“Now I see your skills. At least I sent the clone image here to test you.” Uryh taunted them. He charged himself with dark aura and created lots of clone images. Then, they launched lots of punch waves.
“He thinks that this will work on us.” They charged themselves with metal aura and cast metal wall together. They were shielded from the punch waves. Fie launched her sword’s blade in remote control mode and destroyed the clone images. Then, another dark portal started to appear. They quickly charged themselves with saint aura and cast saint cross on him. Four crosses were launched through the dark portal and hit him.
“You…are…too…powerful….” He said his last words before he turned into dusts. The dark portal disappeared.
“Thanks for helping us!” The guard looked at the fight and yelled at them.
“So, where are we going? If we go to Wilm ruins now we are two days early.” Syrfan asked everyone after landing at the west gate. Suddenly, a sound portal appeared.
“The weapons are ready. But there are some errors in the teleportation and they end up in the Norunta cavern, which is located 50 kilometers east of the Wilm ruins. You must recover them and retrieve them before they were taken by the demons. Sorry for the trouble. I know you are now in the rebel pact but if the weapons fall into the hands of the evil, we are doomed.” Ozaryl told them and closed the communication.
“What a troublesome guy.” Clair sighed.
“Long range teleportation usually ended up like this. It can’t be helped.” Fie calmed her.
“I wondered what the weapons we will get then are.” Tefler asked everyone.
“We will know once we found them.” Syrfan answered him and they left the city. They will face harder fights….


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