Route of Land(Path 99-Retrieval)

After two days, they were arrived at the Norunta cavern. It used to be a mixed metals mine but after the metal reserves are depleted, the mine was abandoned into an empty cavern. It has only two floors, the ground floor which acts as the entrance and the bottom floor, which is the exact place where the metals were mined.
“So, you are here. I thought that we are the only ones guarding the place.” Lyank was guarding at the entrance with someone. Everyone noticed her presence.
“Don’t hide from us. Is that your sister?” Tefler asked Lyank.
“No. She is now resting at Calfion due to some injuries. About her…” Lyank answered them and whispered to the woman.
“I’m his partner in this mission. My name is Sedrine Ephilus, a slayer (a knight who uses scythes and sickles as main weapon) from Uraf. We are now in the mission of guarding the entrance from unauthorized people.” Sedrine introduced herself.
“Looks like you are finally having a….” Syrfan wanted to tease Lyank but his face was punched again by Tefler.
“If you stop this crap perhaps we are now at Wilm ruins.” Tefler scolded Syrfan.
“It’s ok. We are now engaging romantic relationship. Yeah, before I forgot, I got tis map from a miner who worked in the cave for 15 years.” Lyank told them.
“Thanks. Let’s go.” Syrfan took the map, told everyone and they went inside.
While they search the weapons using Syrfan’s aura sensing abilities, Fie was reading the map.
“Is Wilm a city before it became a ruin?” Fie asked Syrfan.
“Don’t disturb him. Wilm was a city when this mine was still actively operating, but since that all the metals were dug out 20 years ago, the government of Lestreb destroyed the city to prevent crime organizations use the city for their own use, which is empty at that time.” Clair answered her.
“But I heard rumors that there are some miners who claimed that there are new areas where they found out the metals. The metals are mostly gold, silver, iron, chromium and tin, but traces of titanium and zinc were once found in this cave before. Wait, do you find out something?” Tefler told Fie.
“There is an underground tunnel which connects to the Wilm ruins. According to this map, the tunnel connects to an underground storage facility, which is unaffected by the destruction of the city. Perhaps this is the place where the holy weapon is.” Fie replied Tefler. At the meantime, at a room which stores the weapons from the rare metals,
“What are these? They never appeared before.” Federick Romus, a miner from Pezis village, shocked when he saw the weapons, which are lying on the center of the room.
“Be careful. These weapons belong to someone. The legends said that if anything teleported to Lestreb was lost, they can be found here. Let’s just continue our mining here.” Hafra Samuel, another miner from Pezis village, reminded Federick. Then, they mined the metals for 15 minutes before they stopped mining when Syrfan and the others went into the room.
“So, these are the weapons. When did you saw them?” Tefler asked Hafra while the others took the weapons and keep them in their dimensional storage.
“We saw them just now. At least these things are safe.” Hafra answered him.
“So the rumors are true then. How much metals were discovered by you two?” Tefler asked them after looking at the metal ores scattered around the ground.
“For now they are about 25 kilograms, just from this room.” Federick answered him. Suddenly, Fagion, another minion of the demon lord which is another bodiless armor went inside the room. They will face a long fight….


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