Route of Land(Path 100-A Tough Enemy)

Fagion started its attack by charging itself with thunder aura and cast impulse room. Electrons and protons were released around the room. Fie quickly cast discharge to neutralize them.
“Looks like the lord is right. They are no simple fighters.” Fagion charged itself with metal aura and launched lots of metal blades on everyone. Syrfan and Tefler charged themselves with saint aura and cast Hedriaf (god of defense)’s wall. The metal blades were blocked but the wall was cracked badly. They cancelled the spell and retreated to the back.
“Looks like it is no simple demon. We must help them.” Federick and Hafra charged their mining axe with saint and metal auras and launched several slash waves on it. Its armor was slightly cracked.
“Looks like they are not alone too. Two of them are now exhausted due to my spell. The rest can be handled easily.” Fagion charged itself with sub-zero aura and cast freezing hell on everyone. Fie and Clair cancelled the spell using the vaporize spell. Federick and Hafra jumped and attempted to break his armor using their mining axes, but it quickly punched them. Just before they were pushed to the wall, Syrfan cast sink on it while Tefler cast thunderbolt on it. Fagion was electrocuted and it broke into parts.
“I think the demon who controlled it must be somewhere around here.” Tefler warned everyone.
“You are right. This fight is not over yet. We must be extremely careful.” Syrfan told everyone while destroying the armor into smithereens with Federick and Hafra.
“You are smart, suckers!” Istradid, a humanoid demon which is another minion of demon lord, went inside and cast thunder murinzran on everyone. But before the spell was come into effect, Syrfan took out his pen and destroyed the magic circles.
“What?” Everyone was shocked with his skill.
“This pen is finally come into use now.” Syrfan charged the pen with saint aura and cast Nediere (god of writing)’s ink bullet strike on him. Lots of sphere shaped ink drops were launched on him. He blocked them using his sword but his sword shattered just after all the ink drops were launched. Federick and Hafra quickly charged their mining axes, rushed towards him and attempted to slash him but they were pushed back by a barrier surrounding him.
“How was that possible?” Federick was shocked while Hafra was whispering at Syrfan.
“The pusher…looks like the demon lord started to send powerful minions to us.” Clair became worried.
“The pusher? Looks like we have to deal with this the different way.” Fie smiled. She charged her sword with electrons and cast electron barrier on him. Electrons were covered around the pusher.
“What is she doing?” Istradid charged himself with thunder aura but he was injured when Syrfan cast ionize on his platinum sword and launched the platinum ions on him. The pusher was faded. Federick and Hafra quickly charged their mining axes and launched several slash waves but Istradid quickly punched them. The slash waves were parried towards Syrfan. Tefler quickly threw his boomerang towards the slash waves. The boomerang absorbed the slash waves and turned into Frenard (a legendary miner)’s bow.
“That kind of weapon is useless against me!” Istradid took out his sword and launched a huge slash wave on everyone. Hafra took the bow, charged it with metal aura and shot a steel arrow on him but was blocked by the slash wave. Fie and Clair took their swords and launched several slash waves to defend themselves.
“Damn…” Istradid became anxious. Tefler quickly jumped across the slash wave and slashed him using his sword. The slash wave was disappeared and the blocked attacks hit him as well. Suddenly, Tefler was kicked and crashed on a wall. Istradid jumped towards Syrfan to slash him. The others attacked Istradid from the side but he was taking no damage. Syrfan raised his pen upwards and charged it with pyro aura. A pyro sword formed on the pen and Syrfan slashed Istradid.
“What the….” Istradid spoke his last words before he was turned into dusts. Syrfan took Istradid’s sword and examined it. They will continue exploring the cave….


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