Route of Land(Path 101-The Secrets)

“This sword is the new Lestreb royal sword. Looks like Vlanad sided the demons. I must inform them about this.” Syrfan told everyone.
“Are you from the Estau rebel pact?” Federick Asked Syrfan.
“We are from the Estau rebel pact.” Fie told Federick.
“Actually we don’t like rebellion but since that you saved us from the demon, let me show something for you.” Hafra told them and went outside the room. He took the others to a tunnel not marked in the map. Federick shocked that Fie had the map.
“Where you get this?” Federick shouted at Fie.
“A man called Lyank Stire gave it to us. What’s wrong with that?” Tefler asked Federick.
“That map is my father’s prized possession. I don’t believe that dad will give it to you.” Federick answered him.
“Why?” Clair wondered what Federick meant by his words just now.
“My father said that the map should not fell into the hand of evil. Looks like you are indeed at the good side.” Federick answered Clair.
“He is the chosen one for the holy weapon. It is impossible to us become evil, right?” Tefler teased Federick while pointing towards Syrfan. Federick and Hafra were shocked.
“We’ll talk more after we reached there.” Hafra told everyone. 5 minutes later, they arrived in a secret room, labeled X in the map. They saw a giant crystal emitting non-elemental aura.
“According to the map, if Lestreb fell into the hands of evil, something in the inaccessible room will help the warriors to defeat them.” Fie told everyone.
“The weapons from the rare metals were resonating.” Clair told everyone. Then, the weapons suddenly flew towards the crystal and embedded in it.
“Is this the help from the gods?” Tefler wondered what happened. Suddenly, the phoenix from Frag temple appeared again.
“Looks like we meet again, the chosen one. The crystal will upgrade the weapons to its maximum potential. Use them well.” The phoenix told Syrfan and disappeared. Then, the weapons moved back to the owners. Syrfan received pheladrin sword, Tefler received pheladrin boomerang, Fie received pheladrin wand and Clair received pheladrin rod.
“Wait. I feel weapon resonance again.” Clair told everyone. This time, Tefler’s boomerang flew out from his pocket and fused with the pheladrin boomerang into Norintua (the phoenix king) boomerang.
“Man, I cannot separate them.” Tefler became anxious.
“Don’t worry; the gun module is also enhanced.” Syrfan calmed him.
“What should we do with the remaining crystals?” Hafra asked everyone.
“We must prevent anyone else get the crystal.” Fie told Hafra and sealed the crystal. At the meantime, Syrfan was using the sound portal.
“Boss, I have a bad news for you. The new king sided the demons.” Syrfan told Estau.
“As I expected. Any other news?” Estau asked Syrfan.
“We found out a secret tunnel which leads to the Wilm ruins. I fear that some soldiers are now guarding the ruins.” Syrfan told Estau.
“Go through the tunnel. It is better than fighting at the grounds.” Estau ordered Syrfan.
“Yes, sir.” Syrfan closed the communication. Then he used another sound portal.
“Lyank, we are going to the Wilm ruins using the secret tunnel.” Syrfan told Lyank.
“It’s OK. Just be careful. I’ll guard the entrance for you.” Lyank told him and he closed the communication.
“Let’s have some rest here. It’s 2200 already. We’ll go to Wilm through the tunnel.” Syrfan called everyone.
“Looks like we are tagging along.” Federeick and Hafra sighed. They slept at the secret room. They will have another hard time to endure…


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