Route of Land(Path 102-Underground Battle Part One)

They woke up at 1000 next morning and feel refreshed.
“This is the best sleep ever since we are in the mission of finding the holy weapon.” Syrfan mumbled to himself.
“So, should we start going?” Syrfan asked everyone.
“Let’s go!” Federick called everyone. They went out the room and went towards the secret tunnel. The tunnel is long, straight and spacey. There are lots of newly made scratches on the tunnel’s wall, probably due to Federick and Hafra’s exploration on the cavern. While they were rushing towards Wilm ruins, the enemy forces were gathering at the entrance of Wilm ruins.
“I’m sensing unnatural aura approaching here. Get ready for an assault.” Tonarta Borealis, the leader of the elite troops ordered the soldiers in the entrance. The soldiers arranged themselves in a square formation. Back to them,
“I’m sensing some enemy troops in formation at the end. We must launch long range attacks from here.” Syrfan told everyone.
“Let us deal with this. Your weapons might cause the tunnel to crumble and we will end up buried.” Federick and Hafra took out their mining axes and charged them. The mining axes became glowing. Then, they launched a large slash wave towards the end of the tunnel. The soldiers were eliminated but Tonarta blocked it.
“I’m on my own now. They are no simple fighter.” Tonarta took out his laser cannon, charged it with positrons and shot the blast.
“Someone launched positron laser on us.” Syrfan sensed the positrons were approaching them. They quickly cast wall together. The blast was blocked and the spell was blocked.
“Damn….” Tonarta threw his cannon aside and rushed towards them.
“He is rushing towards us. I’ll deal with him. Stay back and don’t help me even when I’m in trouble.” Syrfan yelled at the others while rushing towards Tonarta. They met at the center, 1.2 kilometers from both entrances.
“Who are you?” Tonarta asked Syrfan.
“I’m Syrfan Sigmeund, one of the members of the Estau rebel pact.” Syrfan answered him.
“You’ll die today!” Tonarta took out his sword and shot a laser beam on Syrfan. He blocked it but his hands were kicked instantly. He dropped his sword and Tonarta quickly attempted to slash him but Syrfan quickly kicked Tonarta and took back his sword.
“He is powerful.” They both shocked by their strengths. Tonarta charged himself with hydro aura and launched hydro crystals on Syrfan.  He smashed them away using his sword. Then, he charged his sword with sub-zero aura and shot several snow crystals on Tonarta. Tonarta attached them on his sword’s tip and absorbed them as ice aura.
“He is hiding his strength. I cannot just simply fight him like this.” Tonarta rushed towards Syrfan and attempted to slash Syrfan but he quickly blocked it using his sword. The sub-zero aura flowed into Syrfan’s right hand. Then, his right hand was frozen and paralyzed.
“He is forcing me to use my abilities. He is going to pay for it.” Syrfan force flowed the sub-zero aura into his sword and discharged the aura. Then, he kicked Tonarta’s right knee. Tonarta’s grip on the sword was weakened, thus he was slashed and injured.
“Are people in Zyalnd always using this kind of dirty tricks?” Tonarta asked Syrfan.
“If I’m dirty, you are dirty too.” Syrfan told him using a wicked tone.
“Take this!” Tonarta charged himself with venom aura and cast venom vortex on Syrfan. Syrfan was covered in a spherical barrier. He quickly cast transpose to protect himself. Tonarta was poisoned when venomous water flew into the barrier. He quickly healed himself and cancelled the spell. They stared at each other.
“I have to persuade him.” Syrfan thought of some stratergy. The psychological battle will start soon….


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