Route of Land(Path 103-Underground Battle Part Two)

“Do you know what is inside the ruin?” Syrfan asked Tonarta.
“Something that you should never know.” Tonarta answered Syrfan.
“What if I know already?” Syrfan asked Tonarta again.
“I’ll kill you!” Tonarta took out his sword and charged it with astro aura.
“What if the new king sided the demons?” Syrfan threw the new Lestreb royal sword towards Toranta.
“Where did you get this?” Toranta shocked.
“From a demon.” Syrfan told Toranta.
“This is bad. Looks like the king tricked us!” Toranta became furious.
“What does he tell you?” Syrfan added.
“He said that the demons will access the ruins using the underground tunnel and he ordered us to destroy them. When I received the briefing, he was emitting satan aura but perhaps he was…I should have noticed that! He is now co-operating with the demons!” Toranta realized something.
“Go inside. I’ll protect at all costs!” Toranta told Syrfan. Suddenly, a sound portal appeared.
“The raid on Tafim is a success, but now we are in trouble. The ministry leader captured us and put us in a sealed prison. It is your decision whether you’ll save us or go on to the ruins.” Estau told Syrfan and closed the communication.
“What happened?” Toranta asked Syrfan.
“The old king and his companions were captured in the Erdenus castle. You should surface and told the soldiers. We’ll follow you.” Syrfan advised Toranta and turn on the torch light towards the others.
“Let’s go. Syrfan is calling us.” Fie told everyone and they rushed towards Syrfan. They all surfaced using the dimensional jump spell. Then, the other soldiers under Toranta’s control surprised when they saw Toranta was with the members of Estau rebel pact.
“What’s going on, captain?” A soldier asked Toranta, wondering why he is with the enemies.
“Our king has sided the demons; he is the traitor of this country! Otherwise, why this sword can be found from a demon?” Toranta yelled at the soldiers while throwing the new Lestreb royal sword towards the soldiers. Then, noises were filling around the ruins.
“Now, for the sake of Lestreb, guard this ruin until the exiled king returns to his throne!” Toranta shouted at the soldiers. The soldiers raised their swords to the sky.
“Now, go and save this country for everyone in Lestreb.” Toranta teleported Syrfan and the others to the sealed prison of Tafim. The prison is located 1 kilometer south of Tafim. The prison was unused for years but suddenly Estau and the others were imprisoned there. It has one floor only, with no guards and staffs. It has 60 rooms, divided into two rows and separated by a hallway, which can accommodate 5 people per room. The prison is black in color.
“So this is the prison…let’s go!” Everyone rushed inside the prison. They will face another strong enemy….


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