Route of Land(Path 104-The Ultimate Demon Fights Round One Part One)

After they went inside, they shocked when they looked at the prisoners. The prisoners were shocked by their presence.
“Aren’t they the patriot miners of Lestreb and the exploration team from Zyland and Oszer?” A prisoner mumbled at himself.
“Hey, save us!” Another prisoner shouted at them.
“Looks like you really come for them.” Bacerfin Odrante, the prime minister of Lestreb appeared in front of them.
“You are the worst traitor of Lestreb after the king!” Federick and Hafra jumped towards Bacerfin. They tried to slash Bacerfin but they were electrocuted and fainted when he cast thunder astraea on them.
“Patriots are fools.” Bacerfin insulted them.
“You are the fool!” Tefler took out his boomerang and threw it towards Bacefin. He bicycle kicked it and it returned to Tefler.
“Let’s fight one by one.” Syrfan rushed towards Bacerfin and launched wave slash attack on Becerfin. He dashed backwards to avoid the attack but he was hit by the slash wave.
“Pyro tower Gemini astraea!” Fie and Clair cast the joint spell on Bacerfin. He blocked the spell using his astraea seal. Suddenly, Tefler cast thunder ercafrin on him. Two magic circles, formed in front and back
“Hmph!” Bacerfin absorbed the spell as thunder aura in his sword and slashed Syrfan. Syrfan blocked it but both swords were broken. Syrfan quickly took out his platinum sword using his left hand and launched reverse strike (a special attacking move which the attacker holds the sword so that it is pointing downwards and slash his/her target horizontally) and kicked his stomach. He was injured and pushed back a few meters.
“Looks like the rumors are true. You are the explorers from Zyland and Oszer. But you will not leave here alive!” Bacerfin took out his sezinic (an alloy made from 40% zinc, 40% of nickel, 15% of selenium and 5% of carbon) sword and launched a slash wave on Syrfan. Syrfan absorbed the slash wave using his sword. His sword was glowing.
“That is impossible…unless the internal shafts were customized….” Bacerfin stared at his sword. Syrfan quickly charged it and stabbed it to the ground.
“Slash wave murinzran…he is indeed powerful.” Bacerfin was sealed by a murinzran seal and lots of slash waves were launched on him. He was heavily injured and fainted. Then, suddenly he was emitting satan aura and he turned into Kazedij, another humanoid minion of demon lord.
“You cannot defeat me this time.” Kazedij cast demon lord’s pyramid on everyone. They were trapped inside a pyramid filled with satan aura.
“Trying to sink us in satan aura? If this is what you want, I’ll do it.” Syrfan absorbed the satan aura from the pyramid into his sword. The sword became dark in color while the pyramid became colorless. Then, he threw it away, through the pyramid to Gopler’s prison cell.
“Never mind. I’ll kill you no matter what!” Kazedij charged himself with wind aura and cast piercing wind on the pyramid. It turned into gray in color and launched lots of sword shaped winds on them. They avoided the winds while dodging Kazedij’s fists attacks. The sword shaped winds hit him, forcing him to cancel the spell.
“Why I cannot defeat them…” Kazedij became anxious. Then, he charged himself with sub-zero aura.
“If he cast the spell, we are doomed.” Tefler started became worried. The fight continues…


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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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