Route of Land(Path 105-The Ultimate Demon Fights Round One Part Two)

“Don’t worry. We will make sure that he regrets this.” Syrfan charged himself with pyro aura and waiting for Kazedij’s move.
“Pyramidal ice seal!” Kazedij cast the spell.
“Pyramidal fire seal!” Syrfan cast the spell at the same time. Both spells cancelled each other, leaving them sink in pyramidal water seal. Fie cast vaporize to turn it into pyramidal steam seal. Their vision was blurred by the steam formed.
“The second time.” Syrfan took out his pen and broke the seal. Then, Tefler absorbed some of the steam as steam aura in his boomerang and threw it towards Kazedij. He was hit repeatedly but shortly afterwards he caught it and threw it back towards Tefler. Tefler took it back and discharged the aura in it.
“He is no simple demon.” Tefler whispered at Syrfan.
“I know.” Syrfan replied Tefler. The steam was disappeared.
“Good job. But you should have done better.” Kazedij charged himself with astro and earth auras. Then, he cast asteroid rain on everyone. Small sized asteroids were launched at them. Fie cast astro and earth barriers to defend themselves. Then, Clair cast thunder odrantin on him. Two magic circles were appeared at his left and right. Then, thunder from both magic circles struck him. He became paralyzed.
“This is our chance!” Syrfan and Fie launched steam nova slash wave on him. It hit him, but he still remained as it is. Suddenly, he recovered himself.
“You think you can finish me like what you did on the other minions? Forget about it.” Kazedij taunted them.
“Oh yeah? Then take this!” Syrfan charged his sword with acid aura and threw it towards Kazedij. He jumped over the sword to avoid it but suddenly the sword launched the central blade and it hit him. Kazedij smiled wickedly.
“You are too weak to fight me, I guess.” Kazedij took out his sword and threw it towards Syrfan. Then, Fie and Clair cast diverter on Syrfan. A magic circle was formed perpendicular to the central blade. It went through the magic circle and they both disappeared. Tefler jumped and attempted to slash Kazedij but he quickly launched several slash waves to slow him down. Suddenly, a magic circle appeared at Kazedij’s back and the central blade pierced through his body. He turned into dusts.
“Looks like we have to do something about the sealed doors. My pen can destroy the seals, but I cannot use it now or it will self destruct.” Syrfan told everyone while recovering Federick and Hafra.
“I can use my seal breaker sword. Now it really comes in handy.” Fie took out her sword.
“Not that fast, the warriors of Estau rebel pact and the patriot miners!” Vlanad appeared in front of them.
“Who are you actually? I know you are not human.” Syrfan asked Vlanad.
“Defeat me first!” Vlanad charged hiself with venom aura, preparing for casting a spell. The threat is not over yet….


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