Route of Land(Path 106-The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Two Part One)

“Venom claw ignalial!” Vlanad cast the spell. They jumped and shocked that the fangs of poisonous snakes and spiders were launched towards them.
“!” Syrfan charged himself with saint aura and cast Dophimer (god of antidotes)’s barrier to defend themselves.
“Looks like I have underestimated you. Now feel my true power!” Vlanad flew upwards and punched them. His fists were too quick and strong that they smashed to the sealed doors of the prison cells.
“He is too fast.” Federick cast tortoise’s damping on Vlanad and his movements became slow.
“I thought that this spell is now no longer in use…looks like I have to use other stratergies.” Vlanad charged himself with acid, thunder, wind and sky auras.
“Acid rain? Looks like I have to use this rare element.” Syrfan charged himself with alkali, hydro and wind auras, waiting for Vlanad to cast his spell.
“Acid rain thunderstorm!” Vlanad cast the spell.
“Alkali rain!” Syrfan cast the spell. The acid rain reacted with alkali rain and neutralized each other. Yet, they were still dodging the thunders struck on them.
“How could he know how to partially cancel the spell?” Vlanad were shocked of what happened just a short while ago.
“The salt formed…I can use this.” Syrfan cast dry on the water from the rain. The rain stopped and salt was visible on the ground. Fie quickly collected them, turned them into crystals and launched them towards Vlanad. While Vlanad was avoiding the crystals, Tefler threw his boomerang towards him. He jumped to avoid the attacks but he was hit by earth magnarid spell cast by Hafra.
“Great job, Hafra!” Syrfan praised him.
“This is not over yet!” Federick charged his mining axe with wind aura and launched a slash wave on Vlanad. He absorbed it as wind aura and cast cyclone ignalial on Federick. Federick cast space to cancel the spell.
“This is interesting. We are at the same level.” Vlanad charged himself with sub-zero aura and launched air crystals on them. They dodged the crystals and launched them back towards Vlanad. Yet, the he defended himself using the newly formed air crystals.
“How much aura he has?” They were shocked by his magical capabilities.
“You cannot defend yourselves forever!” Vlanad taunted them.
“Don’t ever underestimate us!” Federick charged his mining axe and jumped towards him. Vlanad attempted to kick him but Vlanad was hurt when he blocked the attack using his mining axe. Federick quickly launched a slash wave through his leg. He quickly punched Federick and he crashed to the ground.
“Tch…take this!” Hafra jumped towards Vlanad and tried to stab him using his mining axe but he quickly kicked him. Just when Vlanad’s leg was 10 centimeters from Hafra,
“Thunder wurinzran!” Syrfan charged himself with thunder aura and cast the spell. Vlanad was surrounded in 8 magic circles, arranged in octahedral form. Thunders struck Vlanad and he fainted. Hafra was saved.
“He is not finished yet. Be careful.” Syrfan warned everyone. Hafra returned to the ground and healed Federick.
“You are right, I’m not finished with you yet!” Vlanad woke up and shouted at them.
“Unlike my useless assistant, I do not change when I turn into real demon.” Vlanad was emitting satan aura while telling them. Another fight will start soon….


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